Review: Emirates First Class

Are you wondering whether or not to make the investment on a once in a lifetime flight? Our resident luxe jet setter, Nikki Irvine, flew First Class from Dubai to Sydney and here she shares her experience from flying up front. 

How would you rate the famous "tote" bag? 

Fantastic!  And very handy for taking home the onboard pyjamas and amenity pack.

What did you eat for breakfast? 

There's nothing better than waking up to a steaming espresso 38,000 feet in the air. Pair this with scrambled eggs, spinach and mushrooms served on Royal Doulton fine bone china no less, and it's almost impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed! In addition to my hot meal, I was presented with an array of mouth-watering pastries that proved an irresistible way to finish my meal!  

What did you eat for dinner? 

Roasted chicken with wild mushroom sauce, sweet potato mash. Finished off with a delicious cheese board accompanied with one of Emirates world-class refreshments. 

Did you try the caviar?

I’m not usually a caviar fan, but as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do.... and I must say, this dish was amazing! 

How was the shower spa? 

The shower spa was an indulgent experience to say the least!  From the wonderful preparation from the shower attendants, to the heated floors, plush towels, and of course the spacious shower cubicle.  It truly was a wonderful experience to have in the sky and the spa products left me feeling invigorated and fresh. 

Was it the best sleep you've ever had on an airplane? 

Absolutely!  The turndown service feels like you are in a hotel room, and the privacy doors makes you feel like you are in your own space.  The bed was extremely comfortable with the mattress, two pillows and duvet and the double window blinds make the suite completely blacked out. It really was like sleeping on cloud nine! 

What were your thoughts on the A380 bar? 

The business class bar on the A380 is a great space and gives you the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs, and to mingle with other passengers.

What were your favourite features of the First Class seat? 

Everything is at your fingertips; the mini bar in the First Class suite is full with sparkling water, juices and even snacks in case you start to feel peckish! 

What made your First Class experience special?

The Crew!  Nothing was too much trouble. They were attentive when needed, but also did not interrupt unnecessarily. I truly felt like a VIP!

Any closing remarks you want to share on your experience?

The Emirates First Class is something all frequent travellers must try at some time.  From the beautiful “over the top” décor, spacious suite, fantastic food, awesome bar, and of course the famous “shower in the sky”, it really is worth a try at least once!