Case Study : Pumping Continuous Savings for the Crescent Group

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Travel Transformed

Founded in 1971. Crescent Group is headquartered in the Emirates of Sharjah, UAE. Crescent Petroleum is the oldest and largest private upstream oil and gas company in the region.

Staff frequently travel to and from Iraq and its engineers and technicians travel in from all over the globe.

While its history spans decades, it’s only taken a few years for Crescent and FCM to totally transform the travel programme.
Bookings for air, hotel, car, visas, MICE, meeting rooms and all other travel services are now consolidated through FCM.

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Getting stuck in

Crescent’s challenges and focus areas included:

  • Managing internal travel requests via their internal platform.
  • Requiring employees to always book with preferred airlines for international bookings.
  • Wider reporting needs.
  • Need for consolidated travel.

Keys to transformation

An implant team and consolidated travel.
Two major strategic changes that would create more bottom-line savings and stellar service.

Two full-time implant consultants were assigned to Crescent to manage the Travel Desk, working across the entities:
Crescent Petroleum, Crescent Enterprise, Pearl Petroleum, Pearl Initiative and Dana Gas.

  • Owners and VIP bookings all went through a dedicated travel consultant.
  • Face-to-face training sessions so the team were well-versed in Crescent’s internal travel request form system and now update the system’s data daily.
  • FCM’s implant consultants could assist Crescent with automating internal processes and consistently improved the overall service.
  • Team could ensure that bookings were going to preferred airlines: Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.
  • Travel team support is available in non-business hours including weekends and public holidays.

All the hard work and process improvements put in place by the team, under the guidance of Crescent’s procurement team, has paid off. I take this opportunity to congratulate the team on this achievement.

Special mention to our key contacts at FCM who tirelessly worked as part of our team to achieve this.

Additionally the travel budgets for two non-profit organisations was integrated into the programme.
Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) and High Hopes Foundation are both joint ventures between Crescent Group’s Jafar Family and the government.

  • Robust reporting processes were introduced.
  • Capturing missed savings and identifying savings opportunities through monthly reports.
  • Supported by expert advice from a proactive, long-term FCM account manager.
  • Biweekly meetings are held to discuss projects and quarterly reviews explore savings, feedback and future opportunities.
  • FCM’s customer interface was adjusted to meet Crescent’s changing corporate and Business Unit structures.

 Satisfaction Scores Rise Up

Our consultant is the best travel manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with, during my 40-year career. He is without exception, polite and responsive to my travel requirements.

Survey enhanced from 3.4 to 4.5 across multiple locations and departments.


FCM Feedback Survey  Crescent Score 
Consultant is friendly, courteous and willing to assist 97%
Consultant booked all travel correctly (flights, hotel,transfers etc) 96%
Itineraries are accurate and complete  97%
Consultant assists with any concerns that arise 94%


AED2 million saved in total

Achieved through:

  1. Creative ticketing and air and hotel rate knowledge by the FCM/Crescent team.
  2. Applying preferred negotiated discounted rates.
  3. Waivers and favours for cancellation penalties from air and land suppliers possible through FCM’s relationships.
  4. FCM’s global worldwide fares system.


Prompt response, very helpful, accurate and perfect.


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