Webinar: Lessons learned from COVID-19

Since the start of the year the travel industry has been in uncharted waters as companies around the world navigate COVID-19 and the potential impact to the way we travel in the future. 

The biggest question is what will our ‘new normal’ look like, and when? And how can we take the learnings from COVID-19 to future proof business? 

Watch as the leadership team of Australia and New Zealand’s largest business travel management company share the latest industry and customer insights and learnings during this unprecedented and challenging time.

Your questions answered! Lessons learned from COVID-19. 

Our Lessons Learned from COVID-19 webinar saw hundreds of questions submitted. Some of the questions we can't answer just yet due to the fast-changing landscape, however where we can offer advice we are. Our primary focus right now is to start to prepare you and your business for when the skies open up for travel again!

FCM Webinar: What COVID-19 taught us about travel risk management

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What COVID-19 taught us about travel risk management

he storm of travel restrictions imposed by the growing coronavirus crisis created a duty of care challenge that few could have prepared for.

Risk management plans, communication protocols and technologies were tested to their limits, especially for those travel managers supporting global programs.

In this insightful webinar, FCM was joined by representatives from some of the world’s leading brands who will be sharing their experiences, challenges and insights into managing travel during the COVID-19 crisis.