Better use of data drives savings for Tabcorp

Reporting and analytics tool streamline travel data for Tabcorp


Tabcorp is a leading Australian gambling entertainment business and an ASX100 company. Tabcorp is diversified across three businesses: Wagering and Media, Gaming Services and Keno.

The company has been an FCM client since 2008 and has an estimated 1200 travellers.

Until recently, Tabcorp relied on travel management reports pulled manually via FCM reporting system and from quarterly business reviews. The data was static, reactive and had to be manually managed by the FCM Account Manager to provide meaning to the client.

The process was cumbersome and saw Tabcorp procurement spending up to six hours per month managing static reports. Additionally, the lag in data available after month-end meant the data was out of date. It could not be integrated without significant manual intervention.


To overcome the reporting hurdle FCM implemented a new reporting tool for Tabcorp. The implementation of FCM’s new reporting and analytics tool was undertaken in conjunction with another project to clean up Tabcorp's profile data.

The roll out of this new reporting tool allowed Tabcorp to have complete control of its data.

Client response

 “Reporting & Analytics has allowed us to report on buying behaviours and to share this information quickly within the business. It has enabled us to quickly highlight opportunities for improvement and to also reinforce positive behaviours. The tool itself is easy and intuitive to use, whilst the daily updates of data provides up to date information.”


Tabcorp is in essence, a data company and could immediately see the benefits of using a tool like Reporting & Analytics. Through the ease of the tool, Tabcorp developed specific dashboards, targeting certain desired behaviours and with a view to deliver more concise information to the business. These included:

  • Total exceptions
  • Lost savings %
  • Average lost savings per ticket
  • Advance booking by day
  • OBT uptake
  • Lost savings type
  • Cost of change
  • Cost of change by passenger
  • Travel booker data

Every month Tabcorp reports are distributed to key management, giving them the ability to make quicker, more informed decisions on booking behaviours. Since the introduction of this reporting, there has been an increase in Tabcorp managers and staff requesting this data, a testament to the value it is bringing to the business.


Travel Bookers are a key component of the travel program, in that they are able to drive effective compliance to policy through insights derived from the reporting and analytics tool.The Travel Booker dashboard has delivered great benefits to Tabcorp with the ability to target the client's focus areas more effectively. The dashboard assists in validating instructions to travel bookers to drive desired behaviours throughout the organisation.

The new technology is also allowing procurement to explain a clearer story of information and allows them to more precisely identify behaviour within the program. This is leading to quicker actions and therefore realised savings.

Time has been saved with the procurement team no longer having to spend hours manipulating information. Ad hoc reports are now self-managed, saving the organisation even more time.

Overall, Tabcorp has witnessed a change in behaviour since the new reporting and analytics tool was implemented. Tabcorp has a firm belief that this tool had a major impact in implementing the behaviour change.


Lost savings: has reduced by 6.9%*

Lost savings per ticket: has reduced by $50*

*Data sourced from a seven month period during 2015 and 2016

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