What if girls ruled the world?

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What if girls ruled the world?



No matter which way you look at it, educating girls changes communities – and the world. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Countless global reports, from organisations ranging from UNICEF to the World Bank, confirm this to be true.

At FCM Meetings & Events, we are passionate about bringing awareness to gender equality, and to the community-wide benefits of empowering and educating girls around the world. That’s why we’re very excited to once again be getting behind International Day of the Girl (IDOTG) this October 11th.

Statistics repeatedly show that educating girls helps to break the poverty cycle, leads to improved health outcomes, reduces exploitation and delivers skills for life which support entire communities to prosper. Yet it is estimated that more than 130 million girls around the world are being denied their right to an education.

The IDOTG theme for 2022 is ‘Our time is now – our rights, our future’. This is a powerful and timely message given that UNICEF reports show COVID-19 has worsened existing burdens on girls around the world and worn away important gains made over the last decade. At FCM Meetings & Events, we also ask the question – if not now, when?

“Every year that a girl goes without an education, is another year in which they fall behind,” said Simone Seiler, General Manager, FCM Meetings & Events. “At FCM Meetings and Events, we strongly believe that the company that stands for something, is something - and this cause is something that we are very proud to stand up for and support.”

The benefits of educating girls is undeniable and reducing inequality strengthens economies and builds stable, resilient societies that give all individuals – including boys – the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This year, as part of IDOTG, FCM Meetings & Events is partnering with the Pyjama Foundation, which is also one of the chosen partners of the Flight Centre Foundation. This inspiring organisation is dedicated to transforming the lives of Australian children in foster care through literacy, numeracy and mentoring. By focusing on building life skills, confidence and education outcomes, the Pyjama Foundation is having a positive, life-long impact on the future of children in care.

“Everything we can do to raise awareness is a positive step towards creating a better future for girls, and all children, across Australia – from remote communities to the inner city,” said Simone. “That’s why we ask that you join us on Tuesday 11th October, to celebrate International Day of the Girl and support future generations of Australian girls.”

FCM Meetings & Events is deeply committed to contributing towards five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), making them our own through the application of our time, effort, and strategic creative thinking.

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