Alternative luxury event planning for Lenovo's AP President's Club 2022

Case study: Alternative luxury event planning for Lenovo AP President's Club 2022

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Each year, Lenovo hosts the President’s Awards for its top performers. FCM Meetings & Events has been entrusted with organising several events for the technology giant, and after the success of 2019’s awards, were brought on to manage the 2022 awards.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime incentive trip for the award winners. Four luxurious days in Vietnam, on-site with a mix of activities, awards and a large gala dinner.

But there was a tight turnaround to contend with. When the location changed just eight weeks before the trip was to go ahead, it was all hands-on deck to make sure everything ran smoothly. Plus, there was an additional option for those that couldn’t travel.

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Lenovo had two curated experiences in mind, both heavily entwined with their branding of purple and red hues.


209 people were flying to Vietnam from Japan, India, UK, Australia, Taiwan and Thailand.

  • It was all about experience and exclusivity. A luxury resort for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
  • Holiday-feel with time to relax and a tranquil environment.
  • Reflective of destination, combined with Lenovo’s colourful branding.
  • Bold and engaging content.
  • CSR aspect with tree planting and building a bridge for endangered monkeys.
  • Registration, flight booking and on-site support.
  • Travellers had to be vaccinated.
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Individual local trips

20 winners who could not travel for various reasons e.g. pregnancy, COVID travel restrictions, not vaccinated, were offered an exclusive alternative luxury experience in their own city with their partner.

  • Personalised concierge service for a two-night city break.
  • Fine dining, activities and gifts included in the package.
  • Trophies made in Vietnam flown to the winners so they could still have the Vietnam experience.
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  • Lenovo decided to switch the location from Singapore to Vietnam for a more resort-style, luxury experience rather than a city break.
  • Registration for the event went live as soon as the winners were announced, which was two weeks before the trip.
  • Booking flights for more than 200 attendees in such a short time frame already requires quick turnaround, but the low availability of flights post-COVID called for insider knowledge and creative flight planning.
  • All of the registration and communication had to be in both English and Japanese.
  • For the local bookings, the team had to maintain a consistent VIP luxury experience across multiple destinations.
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  • 4.8 star rating out of 5 for overall experience.
  • FCM M&E liaised constantly with the Vietnamese resort and individual city hotels to ensure requirements were met.
  • Creative team had a huge impact and were very involved to bring the Lenovo experience to life.

Great event! Really enjoyed it, all three days were immaculately planned and had loads of interactive activities. Thank you, team, for organising such an amazing trip for us!

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