Tips for the travel ‘un-ready’

Tips for the travel ‘un-ready’

Travel is finally ramping up again, but many people are yet to hit the road for their first business trip.  Your first post-COVID flight might feel a little unfamiliar. After all this time, even the most-seasoned road warriors could be forgiven for making a few rookie errors on their first trip.

Arrive at the airport too early? Forgot to pack the right kind of clothes? Not sure what you need to do before heading overseas?

We have plenty of advice for ‘unready’ travellers and bookers, including some very handy domestic and international traveller checklists.

Plus keep your eye out for information on our new COVID Travel Hub. FCM soon will be launching a dedicated resource hub to help your travellers and business get back to flying smoothly. Stay tuned.

Keep your traveller profile up to date

Your FCM team will provide you with guidance and support before, during and after your trip, so it’s vital to keep your traveller profile properly updated for safety reasons.

Take a few minutes to double-check that your emergency contacts, travel preferences, frequent flyer numbers etc. are still current and update anything that’s changed. Remember: FCM will keep you directly updated with travel alerts and changes – so make sure they can get hold of you if needed. Hint – have you downloaded the FCM App?

Research your destination

Visit our Travel News site or to plan your trip and don’t forget to register your trip on  if you’re travelling internationally. Wherever you’re headed, you’ll need to know the latest travel restrictions, quarantine and testing requirements as well as transit, entry and departure procedures.

COVID Passport-FCM

Know what tests and documents you’ll need

Airlines and most international destinations require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination using the International Covid Vaccination Certificate. More often than not, proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test also will be required regardless of a traveller’s vaccination status. If you need to arrange a COVID-19 PCR test before travelling click here.

Some Australian states require border declaration forms to be completed. Likewise, many international countries also require overseas travellers to fill-out online pre-departure and arrival forms.

Know what resources are at your disposal

The best way to boost travel confidence? Use your travel providers tools and resources for easy access to up-to-date info. FCM’s Travel News site is a handy pre-trip resource to find up-to-the-minute alerts organised by region, as well as alerts for an array of other categories. There’s also access to a COVID-19 travel map, powered by Sherpa, which provides details on country entrance requirements based on passport, country of departure and vaccination status.

FCM will soon be launching a new COVID Travel Hub for all your travel information – stay tuned!

Re-read your company’s travel policy

There’s a good chance your company’s travel policy has had a post-pandemic update. Make sure that your trip is 100% compliant with the policy’s guidelines as they currently stand. Ensure that you understand what is required, what is expected of you, and who to speak to if you encounter any problems or challenges along the way.

Talk about insurance with your Travel Manager

Travel insurance is now an absolute non-negotiable when venturing further afield. Have a chat with your Travel Manager to make sure that you’re covered for the duration of your trip and to know what you’re covered for. It’s a good idea also to familiarise yourself with the procedure involved in making a claim should you need to while you’re away.

Check cancellation policies

Make sure you or your travellers have access to flexible fares and rates. While flexibility can often cost you more in the short term, if last minute changes are required or there’s a schedule disruption, you’ll save more in the long run. Check that your preferred travel suppliers have generous cancellation policies particularly when it comes to COVID-19 scenarios.

There’s an app for that

Your smartphone is your best friend during travel, so make sure it’s fully charged – and that you’ve packed spare chargers. Take the time to input your company’s emergency contact details, along with any details for after-hours travel support. The FCM Mobile app is perfect for receiving flight updates, changes, reminders or alerts. And if you need support, even after hours, it’s available at the touch of a button.

Know which lounges are open

Some domestic and international airline lounges have re-opened including Qantas Business Lounges, Qantas Club Lounges and International Lounges. All Virgin Australia domestic lounges are open, except for Canberra and the Gold Coast. Virgin’s international lounges are temporarily closed. Numerous international lounge destinations for these carriers also remain closed.

Ground transport

With COVID-safe regulations changing from one state to the next and one country to another, the requirements of different ground transport can also be different. For example, physical distancing and masks on public transport and in rideshare may differ depending on your location and which services you are using. When in doubt wear a mask and social distance!

Pack the essentials

It’s no longer just a well-fitted suit and comfy shoes that you need to worry about when packing your bags for a business trip. You also need to ensure that you’ve packed your chargers (you definitely don’t want to find yourself with a flat phone!), sanitiser, face masks and handwipes

Check-in online

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress by opting to check-in online before your flight. In fact, check-in generally opens 24 hours in advance (depending on the airline). 

Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be sure to sail through your first post-COVID corporate travel experience without a hitch and like the well-versed traveller that you are.

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