If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the past 18 months it’s that there’s nothing “novel” about the novel coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID-19.

And even less enjoyable is the impact it has had on the meetings and events industry. Luckily, we’ve learned a trick or two during the global pandemic in terms of mitigating risk.

FCM Meetings & Events Senior Producer Christian Marchand says while there are a number of consistencies based on standard regulations - such as mask wearing, number of people per square metre, hand washing, QR code usage, and staying home if unwell - there are multiple factors to consider when hosting an event in current times.

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The Nitty Gritty

Christian says FCM Meetings & Events produces a full COVID-safe plan and risk assessment specific to every event which is about the “nuts and bolts”.

Work starts from pre-event communications with COVID-safe reminders and link to exposure sites of the relevant state health websites; and upon arrival at the venue with signage, QR code check-in and temperature checks; at event registration with conditions of entry, maximum capacity and bag collection.

During the event, the focus is on floor markers to assist with social distancing, confirmation of mask wearing, increased cleaning, voice-overs to remind delegates to maintain social distancing, hand sanitiser stations, and working closely with venues regarding food service.

“Everything you have to do in planning of the event is ensuring you are avoiding bringing people together in tight, confined spaces,” he says.

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Top Tips For Event Hosts

  1. Paperless and contactless registration
  2. Cap on number of exhibitors per stand and attendance number to comply with current state government requirements
  3. COVID-safe service of food and beverage
  4.  Regular cleaning and sanitising of venues and public areas
  5.  Availability of hand sanitiser
  6.  Signage to help maintain physical distancing
  7.  One-way only entry and exits wherever possible
  8.  Increased digital content via event websites and apps
  9.  Collection of all attendees (including children) information at registration to facilitate rapid contact tracing
  10.  Mandatory state-based QR code check-in at every venue
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Top Tips For Attendees

  1. Maintain physical distancing of 1.5m from other attendees in queues, foyers, stands and food stations
  2. If the exhibitor you want to talk to has too many people at their stand and social distancing is not possible, come back later
  3. Make frequent use of the hand sanitiser and washing facilities at the venue
  4. Listen to and comply with instructions given by venue staff
  5. Stay up-to-date with the latest information from the respective state health department
  6.  Check-in using the QR code
  7.  Always carry a face mask with you and wear as instructed by venue staff or when social distancing is not possible
  8.  Use the digital platforms available such as event websites and apps to maximise your engagement with the event pre, during and post
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Additional Safety Options

  1. Protective screens for registration desks
  2. Floor decals and markers for distancing where possible
  3. Social distancing lanyards
  4.  Alerting delegates when moving too close to each other
  5. Contactless temperature-taking stations
  6. Wrist temperature scanners
  7. Medical facilities and/or medical personnel onsite

Post Event

Send a post-event survey to all delegates including a question regarding contracting COVID-19 since attending the event, or coming into contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19 since attending the event

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