View from the top

View from the top

Make sure you’re tapping into specialist event management expertise in 2023 as this buoyant part of the travel industry shifts into an even higher gear off the back of 2022. According to FCM Meetings & Events General Manager, Simone Seiler, the demand for in-person events will continue into 2023 along with a focus on events that are sustainable and backed by the very latest in technology for the ultimate guest experience. Simone shared with us her insights and answered the burning questions of the year ahead.

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What were the key trends in 2022 that will continue into 2023?

‘There was a strong shift back to in-person events in the second half of 2022, which is only going to continue. By the end of last year, we actually removed virtual events from our forecasting based on the customer enquiries we were receiving. The power of in-person networking and connection is real and here to stay. I think we’ll also see more commitment to sustainable events and businesses held accountable to deliver on their commitments. Sustainability considerations were on the rise in 2022 and I expect this focus will continue to become more integral in future events.’

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How do you see FCM Meetings & Events growing in 2023?

‘We’re continuing to grow at scale, which means we’re investing in the hiring and training of several new roles. Our people are our most important asset and that’s where we’re doubling down. We’re also expanding our integrated MICE technology suite. This will include new products for our customers that will improve the whole event planning experience. And finally, something I am extremely excited about, we’ll be unifying and elevating our global meetings and events network to better support enterprise customers.’

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What will be the standout trends for 2023?

‘Delivering sustainable event programs is now a must-have, not a nice-to-have. We need to ensure that our customers always have access to sustainable best practices for their meetings and events. I also think we’ll see further integration of technology for the ultimate delegate experience, with augmented reality and virtual reality options par for the course. This will lead to a whole new opportunity for audience engagement, interaction and participation, which ultimately evolves the entire event experience.’

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What’s on your priority list for FCM Meetings & Events?

‘From our perspective, it’s all about talent acquisition and retention. We are focused on attracting and retaining the best people to deliver experiences that engage and create memories for audiences. When you’ve got the right team in place, that’s when the magic happens for customers.‘

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What do you think will be the biggest factor to influence the events industry in 2023?

’I still feel that there is pent-up demand for in-person experiences, but we’re also aware of the potential for a global recession and the impact that supply chain issues may present. So, while I’m confident the demand for events and meetings will remain, I think availability and capacity strains will continue to affect the supply chain. This most likely means that companies will opt for more close-to-home options for in-person meetings.’

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