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Spotlight Webinar Series

Welcome to Spotlight - our webinar series for the corporate travel sector. Our Spotlight webinars educate and inform organisations on the latest developments, trends and insights into the corporate travel sector.

Corporate travel is a feast of moving parts, which make it one of the most dynamic industries to operate in. Combined with the fact that travel is often the second or third highest category spend for a company – it is critical that your procurement department or your decision makers are across the latest trends shaping and influencing this area.

Spotlight keeps you informed on all the most important trends impacting travel programs – from technology and products to supplier partnerships, airline and hotel products, travel risk management, program strategies, policy and industry regulations. Through our webinars FCM shines the spotlight on all things you need to be across!

Watch Past Webinars

November 2019

Global Technology Trends in 2020

Travel technology is evolving faster than ever before, providing more options and potential cost savings for travel programs. Held on Wednesday 27 November, Flight Centre Travel Group’s Chief Experience Officer John Morhous dove into the trends that will shape travel technology in 2020 and beyond, covering the all-important question of “what will it mean for you”?

From AI to Uber and everything in between – what will travel technology look like in 2020?

August 2019

FCM Spotlight - Aviation & Airfare Focus

Held on Thursday 15th August, this Spotlight Webinar offers insights into travel trends and a snapshot of the year that was. Presented by Felicity Burke, General Manager of FCM's sister company, 4th Dimension Business Travel Consulting, this webinar covers:

  • State of the market update
  • Airfare benchmarking and average ticket price insights and trends
  • Airline performance
  • Traveller buying behaviour
  • 2019 industry forecast
Click here to download a copy of the 4D Aviation & Airfares Focus Report

May 2019

FCM Spotlight: The Future of Data in Travel

Today’s corporate travel programs deliver huge amounts of data, but what does this mean for your travel program?

Held on 22 May 2019, this webinar hosted by Adrian Lazuardi from FCM's Data Excellence Centre uncovered how you can leverage the power of your program's data to drive strategic travel management decisions to ultimately improve your business travel performance.

February 2019

FCM: Spotlight on 2019 Market Trends and your Travel Program

With accommodation and airfare trends set to challenge corporate travel budgets in our region next year, this FCM Spotlight webinar focused on market trends and how they could impact your travel program.

December 2018

FCM: Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence in Business Travel

Our first Spotlight was held on 11 December and focused on Artificial Intelligence in technology, with a demo of one of the latest products in the market to adopt AI.