NDC: The top 10 facts to consider

Since the 1960s the world’s travel industry has relied on Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to aggregate content, combining airline schedules, fares and availability into combinations accessible to travel agents, as well as aggregate hotel and car content.

The internet enables airlines to exert more control over what they want to display to the customer, unbundle products and charging supplements for seats, bags, meals, as well as merchandising with rich content. Historically, the GDS has not offered the same level of control and flexibility.

Despite the recent introduction of APIs, airlines demand the same flexibility in retailing to indirect and direct customers,ensuring a consistent customer experience across all of the airline’s sales channels.Many airlines see New Distribution Capability (NDC) as an enabler to deliver better and richer content.

Our whitepaper 'NDC: The top 10 facts to consider'' steps through all the potential pain points, as well as the ultimate benefits for the travel industry and consumer. This is your one-stop-shop guide for all things NDC.    

NDC Explained White Paper

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