Th!nk 2022: Setting the Scene

Th!nk 2022: Setting the Scene

An event unlike any you’ve ever experienced before

Are you a procurement expert? A road warrior? Or are you just interested in current trends and taboos? FCM has got just the event for you: Th!nk.


Out-of-the-box. Innovative. Different.

Th!nk will do just what its name promises: it will make you think about new ways of doing things and explore innovative perspectives. Devised with the brains at GBTA, we’re breaking the boundaries and asking the questions others don’t want to ask. Usually it’s called thought leadership…we’re calling it thought disruption.

Expect Th!nk to challenge the norm and disrupt the current state of thinking. To give you a unique insight into what’s hot and interesting right now.

Better still: the event won’t shy away from anything controversial.

With pioneering and expert speakers from both within the travel industry and beyond, Th!nk will explore the world beyond the ‘now’.


We’ll talk innovation, tech, and future thinking.

You need to understand what’s happening today to get ready for tomorrow, right?

Th!nk will explore the innovations, changing behaviour and tech that we’re already living with and still working through; anything from booking travel to sustainability.

What’s possible in the future? That’s another question we’ll be exploring (actually, we think this is the most exciting bit).

Metaverse. Technology-advanced airports. Travel booking in the future. Think of the cool stuff you could discover by tuning into Th!nk.  

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Th!nk will provide insights from around the world as well as from your own backyard.

Log-in to the virtual Th!nk platform to hear what are the emerging new ideas and concepts causing industry vibrations from Asia, EMEA, USA, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

Are you ready to Th!nk?