Risk-free travel management

Travel risk management

Managing the unpredictable

Whether your employees are based at home, in an office or across the world, every business has a responsibility to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of their employees, while they work and when they travel for work. Business travel, whether international or domestic, exposes employees to a certain level of unpredictable risk - and it exposes employers to the complex area of risk management liability.

Apart from a moral obligation, duty of care legislation clearly spells out the requirement for businesses to take a company-wide, strategic approach to travel risk management – and to do what is ‘reasonably practical’ to identify and manage risk.

FCM Secure

To help companies navigate the travel risk management minefield, the FCM Connect suite of products includes Secure. Secure provides 24/7 access to intelligent tools for successfully managing traveller safety and to support your business in meeting its duty of care obligations.

The Secure dashboard can be customised to your business and an experienced FCM account manager can help identify where gaps may exist in your risk management program - including company policies/procedures, employee training, risk assessment, risk disclosure, risk mitigation, 24/7 risk monitoring, response/support, notification, traveller data management and internal program communication.

Secure takes both a proactive and reactive approach to addressing risk assessment, mitigation and communication through features including itinerary based traveller tracking, a colour coded ‘risk map’, customised reporting, security alerts for travellers and security managers, real time notifications and a global crisis communications process.

At the end of the day, every business needs to satisfy themselves that they have adequately addressed their due diligence obligations in regard to the wellbeing of their travellers. The best way to protect your travellers, and your business, is through a cost-effective, end-to-end solution such as FCM Connect – Secure.

For further information on FCM Connect - Secure, visit our Secure page.