Flying Group and FCM Travel cooperation. "Destined to delight"

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The right solution for every occasion
Prefer to travel on your own terms? We understand only too well. Take off at any moment and travel with unmatched speed and flexibility between any two points on the map, savouring the convenience and privacy of a charter flight and the outstanding FLYINGGROUP hospitality.

Combining our own fleet and the offer of dependable partner operators, we present you a wide variety of aircraft to suit your particular needs, whatever the desired capacity, service, range or budget.

Rely on us to manage your door-to-door travel experience by providing you with top quality airport lounges and transport to and from your flight by taxi, limousine or helicopter.

Contact FCM at or phone +32 2 719 48 80 for a quotation. 

In the accredited facilities of FLYINGGROUP we have plenty of space for service and maintenance, but no room for error. Needless to say, we only employ top engineers and experienced technical staff to ensure high-level safety. FLYINGGROUP meets the highest safety and quality standards of the European Agency for Aviation Safety and is since 2019 also able to service aircraft registered in the United States of America. The FLYINGGROUP PART-145 is an approved Williams Service Center, which allows us to take special care for your aircraft’s engines.

Rest assured, we have the infrastructure and expertise required to maintain your aircraft. Our maintenance crew is available for any line, base or AOG maintenance requirements.

Hours before you take off there is already considerable activity around your aircraft. As a standard service, FLYINGGROUP’s engineers perform a thorough inspection prior to each flight mission to have your aircraft fully polished and ready to ensure a unique flight experience.


Flying Group inside jet

Your agenda is our plan

Opting for a private aircraft significantly affects your way of travelling. Expect a completely unique and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

You will not only save a vast amount of time on your way to the airport, from your ground transport to the aircraft and in the air. You will also do it in all comfort, luxury and tranquillity. Flying private allows you to save on average 127 minutes per flight in comparison to scheduled airlines.

All the while you can stay connected, have confidential meetings, have productive time to work or lean back and enjoy the journey thanks to the latest technologies and privacy on board.

The virtually limitless flexibility allows you to depart where and when you want, make a stop to pick up a client or combine multiple destinations in one trip. Just fasten your seatbelt and relax. We take care of everything.

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