Case Study: EnerMech -supporting growth

Our background with EnerMech

FCM originally partnered with Norson Power to provide travel management solutions in 2003 and was successful in retaining the business when the company was acquired by EnerMech in 2010. 

About EnerMech:

EnerMech is an established provider of mechanical services solutions to the international energy services sector. Established in 2008, EnerMech has a 40-year heritage through acquisition, and offers all of its services in over 30 facilities across 20 countries worldwide. EnerMech now has over 2500 personnel working both on and offshore across the globe.

As EnerMech have grown their business through acquisition and expansion into new markets, FCM has grown with them. The success of this partnership is based on an in-depth understanding of EnerMech’s business objectives and growth plans to ensure our strategy for delivering travel solutions is 100% aligned.

Initially, following the acquisition of Norson Power, FCM serviced the Hydraulics division of EnerMech, an annual travel spend of approximately £60,000. Over the past five years, EnerMech have continued to implement a robust expansion plan with multiple acquisitions and established or expanded operations in the UK, Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Caspian and Norway. FCM now services multiple divisions and supports a travel spend in excess of £3 million annually.

The key to supporting clients through growth and expansion is leveraging all the benefits derived from a consolidated spend, while supporting the unique requirements of different divisions. Underpinning this must be a consistently excellent level of customer service. All stakeholders - travellers, bookers and decision makers - must be confident of and see the value in the FCM travel solutions.

Driving strategy through data

The fundamental benefit of a consolidated travel spend is better data visibility. Once FCM were able to look holistically at the combined data of all EnerMech’s divisions, we could translate the facts and figures into tangible insight which became the foundation for driving the right strategy. With access to comprehensive data, EnerMech’s Account Manager, Paul Jarvie, was able to leverage the company-wide spend for negotiating with travel suppliers, while at the same time complete a picture of each division’s particular travel profile and requirements.

We subsequently worked with EnerMech to create separate customer numbers, reporting and invoicing for each division. Paul and the dedicated FCM booking team for EnerMech work closely together to ensure they have a thorough knowledge of each division, what they do, why they travel and what their challenges are. This is vital to their ability to provide top notch service and deliver time efficiencies to EnerMech by being able to anticipate and act rather than simply react and respond.

This tailored approach is integral to providing effective travel management solutions. Strategy and policy may need to be altered slightly depending on an individual division’s profile. For example, we negotiated a new car hire agreement with Avis and Enterprise based on overall EnerMech spend. However, we have ensured that each division has their own discount number so the supplier can report individually by division. Another example is the set up of the online booking tool to reflect multiple divisions. Profiles are linked to the relevant business unit, all with differing meal allowances for hotel billback as each division has their own limit.

Flexible team model provides scalability

FCM’s team structure is driven by productivity. We believe the close attention clients deserve can only be delivered through small teams managing a limited number of clients. EnerMech’s dedicated booking team comprises six consultants, with Team Leader Jeannie Dutton being the primary contact for the account. Depending on demand, all six team members are capable of supporting EnerMech. FCM’s flexible business model has delivered an easily scalable service as dictated by EnerMech’s expanding business and entry into new markets. 

“The FCM team understand our business really well. They fit in with the culture of our company and are willing to listen to us and work with us. The service we get is very good and they understand our people and what they like."

“The service we get is excellent and the ladies in the team are always really responsive and very friendly, but professional at the same time. Jeannie is so helpful and would never let an issue bubble away. She is very proactive and receptive to anything. They deliver exactly what we are looking for.” 

“I get on well with all the people I have dealt with in the team and if they have any questions they do not hesitate to give me a call, and I feel I can phone them as well. They know us very well – they’re informative and nothing is too much trouble. They are first class, great girls and a good bunch to work with.”

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