COVID-19 testing with CityDoc

Covid swab

Are you fit to fly? 

Many countries and airlines now require a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before you arrive at your destination. Whilst you can obtain free tests through the NHS in the UK, you are only supposed to use this service if you are displaying symptoms. What’s more, many countries and airlines also require a ‘safe to fly’ certificate alongside the negative test result.

So, if you aren’t showing symptoms and need a ‘safe to fly’ certificate for your next business trip, how do you get hold of one? At FCM we've partnered with CityDoc, a leading testing and vaccination provider, to offer our customers in the UK an easy and convenient way to get a COVID-19 test. The tests normally cost £150, but our customers can get them for £125. 

What does the test involve? 

We asked Claire Harrington, Global Marketing Manager at FCTG, to try out the test before a recent trip and she shared what the process looks like in six simple steps.


COVID-19 testing in six steps

1) A few days before my trip I ordered the testing kit through our dedicated site 
2) The following morning the test arrived at my door through registered post
3) I opened the kit and read the instructions, registered the kit using the website and email address provided 
4) I took the test – not the most pleasant but over in less than 10 seconds
5) I sealed the test and posted it in my local postbox, keeping hold of the necessary paperwork
6) 24 hours later I got my negative COVID result and then my Safe to Fly certificate

The final verdict? 

“All in all it was a super efficient process to get me back in the skies for my trip!”

So if you're preparing for your next trip ask your Account Manager about COVID-19 testing with CityDoc.

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