5 ways to seriously mess up your corporate travel RFP

5 ways to mess up business travel RFP

Some tenders, for office items such as printers or stationery, can be conducted using a fairly standard template, slightly updated from the previous version to suit your current needs. Unfortunately, this is not the case for a travel tender.

Not only is the landscape of corporate travel constantly evolving, but so are your requirements. This could be due to expanded markets, increased travel requirements and new technology expectations. So a great deal of care and attention must be applied to the preparation, planning and process of going to RFP for corporate travel.

Our quick video summarises some of the key things you don’t want to do when creating an RFP:

Over decades, FCM has competed to win thousands of customers. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. You would be surprised at the number of these which have no clear stated objective, current challenges and issues are not defined, future proofing is not addressed, and sufficient data is not provided in order for TMCs to effectively assess the travel programme.

Many also show a lack of understanding of the full range of services, products and support solutions which TMCs provide, therefore limiting the scope and potential of the RFP’s outcome.

Our comprehensive report, ‘Choosing a TMC: a step-by-step guide’ will walk you through the process. In the meantime, as an early warning, here are the top five ways you can seriously mess up your corporate travel RFP:

  1. Don’t ignore the views of your travellers, bookers, HR, finance and other stakeholders
  2. Don’t think about an overall travel management strategy
  3. Don’t use the same RFP questionnaire to choose a TMC that you’ve previously used for buying machinery, paper clips and marketing services
  4. Don’t release the RFP through an online portal you haven’t quite figured out how to use yet
  5. Don’t change your mind halfway through about what you want – while keeping to the same RFP deadlines

Want to find out more? Download our comprehensive step-by-step guide to choosing a travel management company.

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