Customized Solution for top Automobile Company

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Customized Solution for top Automobile Company

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FCM Travel offers a wide range of business travel solutions along with proper guidance and consulting for its clients. With our class-apart services, we aim at eliminating all the pain-points of our customers so that they can enjoy a seamless travel experience. With our global presence in 95+ countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and America, we have been serving our clients with full dedication and utmost quality.

We have been serving the Indian market for several years now and our clients come from various backgrounds. Be it pharmaceuticals, IT, healthcare, or technology, we have served every niche which provides us with extensive experience.

In 2012, FCM came in contact with a well-named and famed automobile client. This Indian automobile client of ours has their headquarters in Chennai, India, and has been in the market since 1948. Our client offers a wide range of automobile products.

  • They are the fourth largest manufacturer of buses in the world.
  • When it comes to manufacturing trucks globally, our client stands at the 10th position.
  • Our client is also the second-largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India.

FCM has been managing them for more than 8 years now. We have provided our client with complete solutions be it air, hotel, or Visa, etc.

Ashok case study

Customer Pain-Points

Since our client is a global leader in automobiles, they were facing a lot of challenges in terms of making travel arrangements. Our client has to manage approximately 6000 travellers every month which creates a lot of fuss. The travel management company they were associated with earlier, was not able to hit the mark and the client had to look for an alternative.

This is the part where FCM came into play. The client mentioned that

  • They were struggling with making hotel payments or bookings on time followed by a confirmation for the same.
  • The online booking facility was unavailable since our client’s hotel bookings are done for Tier 2 & 3 cities and remote areas.
  • Many of their guests were denied access to rooms due to non-payments. This happened on several occasions.
  • The majority of travellers faced a lot of issues with their travel itinerary and ended up complaining about the same.
  • There were not sufficient or good offline solutions which is why the travellers had to face an inefficient duty of care.
Ashok case study

FCM’s Role

As soon as the client addressed their challengers, FCM knew exactly what to do. We customized a proper solution for our client’s air travel, hotel, and/or car hire requirements. FCM mostly takes care of domestic air travel, focuses on VIP travellers, and technology tools for this client. 

Not only this, but FCM also helped the client simplify their hotel accommodation since their sales happen in many remote cities of India where hotel booking is a challenge, especially in terms of payments. FCM helped them overcome all the concerning issues with its efficient processes and systems in terms of reconciliation that offered perfect accounting to handle all their audit query with compliance. Old cases were also resolved immediately

The Outcome

FCM strongly believes in delivering nothing but top quality to each client. This is the only reason why they choose us and decide to stay. We gave our best to help our automobile client and it all turned out exactly how we imagined and how the client expected. With FCM’s service, the client was able to achieve the following:

  • Improve performance and client satisfaction.
  • Save time for both the company and the travellers.
  • Deliver efficient travel management program.
  • Enhance the existing processes.

With FCM’s customized solution, which was created based on the client’s pain-points, the client was able to achieve 98% compliance successfully with 20% ROI.

Ashok case study

Let’s Hear What the Client Had to Say

The client specifically mentioned that this partnership with FCM, tuned out splendidly well for them. As our client has a brand image to maintain and take care of, falling even a bit can damage it greatly. Their prior travel partner was not able to address all the pain-points but FCM made it happen. The client expressed their gratitude towards FCM and is looking forward to staying in this partnership for many years to come.

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