Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical company Case Study

Case Study

Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical company Case Study

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FCM Travel India is dedicated to delivering global business travel solutions and ensuring that they are easily accessible to everyone. With a global presence in 95 countries and experienced travel professionals in our team, we have serving clients with the utmost quality.

FCM brings the human element to your business travel programme that provides a personalised experience for each of our corporate customers while ensuring that their comfort and well-being is paramount. We provide our clients with access to a worldwide network of airfares, hotels and ground transport options which allows them to get the best value for their business travel spend.

Putting our efforts and dedication into work, we have been serving many clients across the globe. Following the same path, FCM Travel India partnered with a leading pharma company on September 01, 2019, based in Mumbai with a vision to enter into a 5-year contract with them. Our client has been in the market for almost 50 years and has been serving the Indian pharmaceutical industry with their excellence.

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Key Challenges Faced by the Client

Being in the market for such a long time, our client has a huge workforce and consumers associated with them. As the number of employees or customers increases, the complexity of operations, be it of any kind, increases too. FCM’s client was also facing many such complexities related to the travel and stay of their staff.

  • The client manages approximately 1100 travellers and they need to book between 3000 – 3500 tickets, which includes both domestic and international. It was quite hectic at the client’s end.
  • Hence, the client raised a request on their internal approval tool and needed to manage offline booking.
  • There were troubles with compliance control and in getting prompt response and support after office hours.
  • Most importantly, the client wanted to get rid of manual intervention completely.

FCM’s Strategy

After discussing the major challenges with the client, FCM got to work and built a strong strategy for managing its client’s air travel, hotel and car hire (sometimes). FCM manages the following:

  • Mostly domestic air travel and focuses on VIP travellers in addition to technology tools etc.
  • The travel arrangement of all the employees and doctors, which requires utmost attention while booking hotels and plane tickets since doctors are CIPs.
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How FCM Helped the Client Overcome These Issues?

FCM played an important role in helping the client overcome these challenges by understanding their pain points carefully. After evaluating and understanding the expectations along with their future vision, we provided the client with an effective solution that addressed all of their needs.

  • FCM worked on solution designing and proposed a customized SBT tool that covered the client’s pain areas.
  • FCM’s solutions met all the client expectations with end-to-end integration i.e., HRMS to SSO to data posting, post-issuance into their finance system.
  • It helped their users to access and book tickets at any moment, be it during or post working hours.
  • FCM also mapped travel policies for the client on their system to drive efficiency.
  • As mentioned specifically by the client that they wanted to remove manual intervention, our solution ensured that there is no manual managing of request and fulfilment needed.

What were the results?

With FCM’s solution

  • Users of the client are able to secure fares prior to sending for approval which ensured that there is a controlled fare hike.
  • Compliance adherence is implemented.
  • Booking efficiencies and advance purchases are introduced that bring savings to the travel program.
  • An immediate invoice can be generated and it can easily be posted in the client system.
  • Reduces domestic booking load on the travel team; the same is driven by SBT with an adoption rate of more than 85%.
  • There was a drop of 4% in Average ticket prices of online vs offline bookings due to the process shift, in spite of industry ATPs increasing by 3% to 12%.
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What was the client’s response?

FCM has always kept client satisfaction at the top of its priority list as happy and satisfied customers contribute massively to the success of any business. This is why we ensure that our solutions meet all the client expectations and adhere to all the quality standards so that the clients can put their faith in us, again.

This case was no different from others. As expected, our pharma client was highly satisfied with our service and the solution we offered.

 The client quoted, “Great relief switching from manual to an automated solution, simultaneously driving efficiencies and compliance”.

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