Combine your Marriott and Starwood Loyalty Accounts

Marriott Rewards, SPG, and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards now offer you booking, earning and redeeming at all hotels across all of our participating brands. Starting now, you only need one account to access these elevated benefits.

Why Should I Combine Accounts?

Simplicity - You’ll have one single account log-in and profile. All your eligible stays will earn into this one account.

Status - Your combined Elite nights could add up to achieving the next level right now.

Access - Book and redeem your combined points balance at 6,500 hotels across 29 participating brands.

If I Already “Linked,” Do I Still Need to “Combine” Accounts?

Yes! Account linking offered a status match between the programs. But by combining your accounts, your earnings will be added together. So rather than just a match, you may get a status boost.
If you already linked your accounts, that’s a great start. You created a connection - but they’re not yet one account. Now, by combining, you’ll only have one login to remember and be able to earn and redeem points across all 29 participating brands with that single account.
Not sure if you combined yet? View your profile.

What Happens When I Combine My Accounts?


  • If your combined Elite nights qualify you for the next level, you’ll find out right away.
  • You’ll have one member number, profile, log-in and points balance and elite nights balance.
  • You’ll use this single account to book, earn and redeem your combined points across all 29 participating brands.
  • All your upcoming reservations will be combined under one account.


Within 72 hours

  • Suite Night Awards and Free Night Certificates will be combined into your single profile.
  • Any promotions you registered for will combine into your single profile.
  • Same with past activity – your history with both programs will combine into your single profile.


What Profile Will I Keep When I Combine Accounts?

Short answer – whichever site you’re on right now. Since you’re combining your accounts from the Marriott Rewards site, you’ll keep that profile. Once you combine accounts, you’ll sign-in with your Marriott Rewards or The Ritz-Carlton Rewards number or email. If you prefer to keep your SPG login, start from the SPG site.

Tip 1: Don’t sweat your profile choice. Regardless of which profile you keep, you get the same great benefits.


Tip 2: Check your preferences. When you’re done combining accounts, update your email address in your preferences to ensure you’re getting the latest news on benefits and more.


When Is the Best Time to Do This?

You can combine accounts anytime. However, we suggest at least three days ahead of your next reservation to help ensure you receive the benefits of your new level when you arrive at the hotel. That way, Mobile Guest Services and Keyless should work properly within your app.

Please keep in mind: If you combine accounts during your stay, Chat, Keyless and other guest services may be affected.

What About My Credit Cards?

You’ll be able to keep all of your credit cards. If you have both a Rewards and SPG card, don’t worry – you can still use them to earn points for your combined account.