The Holiday Survival Guide

Despite being seasoned and frequent travelers there are still things that can throw a spanner in our otherwise smooth travel routine, from unexpected delays due to Icelandic eruptions, to the demand for fresh air (In March of this year a passenger delayed a flight after opening the emergency door before takeoff, explaining that he just wanted to “get some fresh air”. The holiday season is its own battlefield entirely as you realize that you and everyone else in the world is trying to head home during one of the busiest travel seasons in the U.S. However, with a little forward planning and assistance from your favorite TMC, traveling during the holidays can be less than painful than it needs to be and here’s our guide for survival!

Anticipate problems and plan-ahead!

Delays and cancellations are in abundance during the holidays. Perhaps it might be an idea to ask your Travel Manager about a route that is not the most direct but skips the busier or problematic airports.

You know that the chance of airport holiday mayhem is high, especially if you are leaving out of an airport where snow is likely. Therefore, plan your journey ahead and make sure to allow more time than you usually would. Not only for travel times but for check-ins and security queues.

Depend on your Travel Manager

Don’t forget about your support network. Your Travel Manager is there for you to depend on to get your booking in within plenty of time so that you’re not left struggling to get home and to help in the case of any issues or delays.

Pack like a pro

Packing like the veteran traveler you are is more important than ever during busy travel times. Try if possible to stick to just the carry-on bag so that you can skip baggage check-in, and not be waiting around when landing either. However, bear in mind that security will also be busy and airport and airline staff might perhaps not be in the highest of Christmas spirits so don’t test their patience by traveling with over-sized carry-on bags. Have a look at the TSA website for the latest Travel Tips and recommendations.

Ship your gifts or get them at the airport!

If you are trying to stick to just your carry on but you plan on coming baring gifts for the family with you then it might be an idea to ship them ahead of time.
Alternatively, the airport is a great place to grab coveted holiday gifts from Champagne to perfume and designer handbags to the latest high tech watches. 

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