Tips on booking travel in a COVID world


Tips on booking travel in a COVID world

Booking travel in a COVID world

According to our recent State of the Market 2020 Report, up to 25%* of our Kiwi customers have experienced significant financial impact as a result of COVID-19 with Travel and Expense as the number one cost item to be dialled back. Our Report suggests that NZ businesses are looking at reducing their travel spend on average by 15%* in 2021.

As a TMC, we’re always looking for ways to add value to our customer’s travel programmes, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you maximise your travel in this current COVID world, when NZ borders are closed but domestic travel is open.

Considerations For Domestic Air Travel

  • Fly with freedom. Air New Zealand has removed the $50 change fee to make it easier for you to change any domestic flight booked up until 31 March 2021. This means you can change your flight to a new date or time, or put your fare in credit for a later trip. Please keep in mind that any fare difference will still apply, and the changes need to be made prior to the departure date
  • Book early. Post Alert Level 3 & 4 lockdowns, we have witnessed pent-up demand, which means airline availability/ capacity can be limited
  • Book refundable fares with Air New Zealand. If your plans are likely to change, we recommend booking a refundable fare, allowing more cash flow for business if required
  • Before you confirm your meeting - look at flight availability and prices
  • Be aware of high demand periods including school / public holidays and local events

Considerations For International Air Travel

  • Check information from trusted sources. Check government restrictions including quarantine measures from sources like The Ministry of Health, SafeTravel and WorldAware
  • Check flight restrictions. Some airlines require negative COVID testing before boarding. This requires a medical certificate which is at a cost for your business
  • Visit our Traveller Hub. This can be accessed via Your SAM :] or from our website. Here you’ll find updates from airlines, hotels, rail and car hire companies, as well as traveller resources to help you plan and prepare for your trip
  • We can provide you with reporting on upcoming travel. The rules are forever changing - countries can go into lockdown overnight. We can provide our customers forward booking reporting of their overseas travellers
  • Flights are not guaranteed. Most airlines are creating their flight schedules 6-8 weeks out, however given the uncertainty, flights cannot be guaranteed

Considerations For Quarantine

  • New Zealand managed isolation requirements. From 05 October 2020, anyone coming into New Zealand has to apply for a managed isolation accommodation voucher via the Managed Isolation Allocation System. This secures a place in a managed facility upon arrival to New Zealand
  • Charges for managed isolation in New Zealand. $3,100 for the first or only person in the room, $950 for each additional adult and $475 for each additional child (3-17 years old, inclusive)
  • Check other country’s quarantine restrictions. If travelling overseas, some countries may require payment to quarantine.
Did you know?

1. SAVI (our online booking tool), now shows “Clean Hotels” which allows users to see at a glance hotels which have implemented new health and hygiene measures to ensure traveller wellbeing.
2. SAVI (our online booking tool) will display up-to-date airline policies for COVID-19 at the time of booking, giving you confidence that you are choosing the safest and most sensible option for your next trip.

Did you know?

Australia and New Zealand hotel rates are expected to drop 4.5%*, helping your budget go further. Not only this but New Zealand has 14 new hotels opening next year, adding choice, capacity and competition. Now is the time to review your hotel programme in this buyer’s market. We can help you with this.

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