#JourneyBackToBusiness - What does business travel look like in NZ right now?

Since COVID-19, we know that businesses and travellers may be feeling a little nervous about flying again. But rest assured, our partners like Air New Zealand, Accor Hotels, Auckland Airport and Avis have traveller safety at the forefront of their operations. Jarrod Patterson, our Customer Experience Leader from FCM Travel Solutions, takes us on a journey from Auckland to Wellington to show us how safe it is to travel again. We hope this goes some way to help build traveller confidence again.
#JourneyBackToBusiness Part One:
  • Inside Auckland Airport
  • Checking-in
  • Going through security
  • Inside the lounge
  • At the gate,
  • Onboarding flight to Wellington
#JourneyBackToBusiness Part Two:
  • Onboard the flight from Auckland to Wellington
  • Disembarking the flight
  • Baggage collection
  • Taxi ride
#JourneyBackToBusiness Part Three:
  • Arriving at the Sofitel Wellington
  • Checking into the hotel room
  • Interview with Raymond Faulkner, General Manager Sofitel Wellington and AGM Accor Hotels Wellington
#JourneyBackToBusiness Part Four:
  • Car rental with Avis