The busiest travel dates of the year

With the holiday period coming closer, so are the busiest travel days of the year. In 2017,  there was an average of 37,500 passengers using the international terminal on each of the 10 busiest days.

December and January are typically the busiest months. According to the New Zealand Herald, Saturday 22 December and Sunday 6 January are pinpointed to be the two busiest travel days with more than 43,000 travellers expected through the international terminal on each day.

The eight other days that are expected to be the busiest are December 20, 21, 23 and 26 and January 3, 4, 5 and 13, with more than 40,000 travellers expected to be travelling through the same terminal.

Regional airports are also meeting this demand. Tauranga Airport is set to open their new regional lounge in December 2018. Read more about how they are increasing their capacity here.

5 tips to streamline your check-in this holiday season
  1. Book your airport parking in advance to secure a convenient space.
  2. Check your travel date and times in advance to avoid mix-ups.
  3. Check-in online to save time and skip the holiday queue.
  4. Allow extra check-in and travel time to avoid last minute stress.
  5. Pack within the requirements of your airline to streamline check-in and boarding.

“With Christmas, New Years and the beginning of summer, this is a busy time of year for travel. If you are travelling over this period, make sure you plan in advance and check in online! Always allow extra time as you don’t want to be rushing to your gate and keep your Travel Manager’s contact details handy in case you need them.”

Andrea Knight Account Management Leader - Wellington and South Island

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