Top tips for keeping healthy while travelling

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Travelling for work can take its toll on the body and mind. FCM Travel Solutions in partnership with our health and fitness team Healthwise, are excited to share our top tips with you to ensure you have all of the right tools to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle when travelling.
Make the most of the lounge

Start your trip by catching your breath in one of the airport lounges. Even if you're not a member, there are many airports around the world that offer one-off passes. These lounges typically offer benefits such as inclusive food and beverages, shower facilities, media lounges,  complimentary wifi and more. If you are a member to one of the lounges such as the Koru Club, there are additional benefits including: complimentary frequent flyer seat access, priority check-in and boarding, priority baggage and additional checked baggage. With the new Qantas and Air New Zealand partnership, eligible customers will have access to a combined total of 36 domestic lounges on both sides of the Tasman.


Flying Premium Economy or Business Premier

Improve your travel experience, particularly when travelling long haul by flying Premium Economy or Business Premier/ Class.  

Business Premier/ Class is naturally the preferred option for frequent flyers. If it’s a bit of a stretch, then Premium Economy is a more affordable way to enjoy a comfortable flight and more choice. For example,  stretch out or lie flat to get a rejuvenating sleep. You will also be given a choice of seat,  so you can sit by the window and see the view or sit near the aisle if you prefer to go for regular walks and stretch your legs. There is also often an additional baggage allowance which means you never have to worry about over packing or over shopping. The menus in Business Premier have also been designed by renowned chefs so you’ll be sure to receive a culinary experience. Last but not least,  you will typically earn higher rewards if you belong to a loyalty or member programme which you can use towards travel and upgrades.



Meditation is a great way to relax, remain calm and enter a space of mindfulness while you are on your flight.  Before your flight, download a meditation app such as Headspace or The Mindfulness app in the app store on your electronic device. 

Qantas has recently added guided meditations to its in-flight entertainment program. The 12-minute sessions allow listeners to enter a calm state and an inner journey of mindfulness to enhance their in-flight experience.


Healthy eating and exercise

In order to feel healthy and maintain your well-being, choose healthy lunch or dinner options on or before your flight. These can set your body up for an easy flight and even better recovery. It is also important to drink lots of water and walk up and down the cabin for exercise and to stretch your legs every so often.

Many hotels are now catering to business travellers by offering a range of options to help maintain your health and well-being when overseas. At the new Westin Perth, every aspect of your stay is designed to ensure you leave feeling better than you arrived by offering innovative programs to accommodate to this. For example, as part of their Stay Fit initiative, you can hire New Balance workout gear if you would like to workout or go for a walk.

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