Driving progress with the NDC

As a corporate travel manager or booker, you've probably heard about IATA's New Distribution Capabilty (NDC) initiative. But what exactly is it, and what will it mean for you and your company's corporate travel programme?

NDC is a standard developed by IATA to facilitate communication and trade in travel. The idea is that everyone (airlines, travel management companies and self-booking tool providers) involved in the business of distributing content – such as airline seats and fares – all sing from the same technical "hymn sheet" and are using the same syntax to exchange messages on shopping and booking components of travel.

How much do you know about NDC?

NDC is one of the trending topics in corporate travel right now. But, what is NDC, what does it mean for your business and what is FCM doing about it?

We spoke to FCM's Global NDC team - Nicola Ping and Jason Nooning - to get the lowdown on NDC, how it's developed so far and what the advantages of it will be when it's fully rolled out. While Mick Heitzinger, Product Director for FCTG EMEA, discusses the ancillaries that will visible in GDS airfares when New Distribution Capability is available.

Watch the video to find out more.

Did you miss FCM's webinar on NDC?

Since the announcement of NDC, we’ve been working very closely with our airline partners and technology providers to ensure FCM stays at the forefront of this ever-evolving initiative, so the end result is a viable distribution channel for our corporate customers. We recently held a webinar around the topic of NDC, which you can watch here. During the webinar we explored:

  • What is the corporate travel industry state of play with NDC?
  • What needs to be done before NDC content is fully fit for purpose for corporate customers?
  • What is FCM doing and what’s on our roadmap for NDC content integration?

Want to find out about future webinars? Check out FCM's industry events schedule.

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