KCA Case Study

FCM won the contract for KCA Deutag in January 2014; providing full travel management services across their three key markets-- Scotland (Aberdeen), Germany, and Norway. KCA Deutag were with their existing provider for more than seven years, which meant we had to create a substantial business case while highlighting our expertise and value on why FCM would be the best fit for their business.

"We awarded the contract to FCM as they could competently deliver on all aspects of our proposal which included implementing an online booking tool for UK and Norway in a short period of time with one other country coming soon after. It is our expectation to roll the FCM agreement out on a global basis and steps have been put in place for this. As far as the tender response went FCM's competitive pricing model, experience in travel program consolidation and innovative yet flexible approach to implementation were all viewed favorably by our company. What really set FCM apart from the other TMCs however was the exceptional operational and cultural 'fit' of both organizations. FCM and our positive discussions in the early stages of the process on how to harmoniously unify the travel program globally, created a sense of mutual trust between both parties. In addition, we appreciated that FCM were more flexible than other TMCs in that they listened to our requirements without trying to put a square peg in a round hole. 

We are impressed with the efforts so far from FCM to put this global consolidation into reality and considering that we involved many departments internally such as supply chain, HR, IT and finance the implementation experience was a reasonably smooth transition on a short time-frame"

-- Martin Davidson, KCA Stakeholder in the RFP Process

After successfully implementing Scotland (Aberdeen), Germany, and Norway, we are now currently looking to expand and grow our already excellent partnership into Houston, Canada (St. Johns), Dubai, Kazakhstan, & Azerbaijan. This illustrates our commitment to establish and grow our current agreements through a unique partnership in the Offshore and Marine Sector. 

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