Choosing a Travel Management Company

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Are you frustrated with the current state of your travel programme? Is your CFO pushing for more tangible savings while your travellers complain that your travel requirements are affecting their productivity, health and family time?  It may be time to review your choice of  Travel Management Company (TMC).

Discover the 5 clear signs that you need to embark on an RFP process, how to get started, tips on finding a future-proof supplier that will meet your technological needs and what questions you should include to get the best results.

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Whether you are a seasoned RFP pro or just starting out, structuring an effective RFP for your business travel needs can be challenging at times. The process can be long and arduous so it is worth taking the time to come up with the optimal process. The better your RFP is structured, the better the proposals you’ll receive and the more likely you’ll make the right decision on which partner to appoint.

Download your copy of the whitepaper and discover the following:

  • Why and when should you embark on a travel RFP
  • How to develop the right structures to ensure vendors deliver the level of service required at the right price
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • What steps to take and who should be involved

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Getting started with your RFP process

Download How to structure an effective RFP whitepaper