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Our latest whitepaper takes a deep dive into the importance of data and offers guidance on making sure you get the biggest impact on your travel programme with what is at your fingertips. Data quality, the frequency and speed you receive data and global data visibility are fundamentals that many businesses still struggle with today.

Alongside tackling these topics, we also take a look at the cutting edge side of using your data in a predictive way to increase savings, explore data sovereignty and being globally compliant, as well as what is on the horizon. Data is something you already have, now find out how to use it like never before!

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Today’s business travel programmes deliver huge amounts of data – everything from details of hotel bookings and flights to individual passenger expenses and preferences for food, seats and rooms.

But without the technology to mine, collate, examine, correlate and analyse this data – Big Data as it is now known – your company will be missing out on a huge opportunity to take more meaningful, tangible and effective spending decisions.

And it is these tools and methods that FCM offer our customers to help them make the most of every bit of the quantitative data produced when their employees travel on business.

In a globally-connected world, your data is global too. These data sets may be complex and spread over multiple offices and territories, but you no longer need to be a world-leading statistician to understand what it all means.

FCM’s data technology is your secret weapon to delivering greater savings and efficiencies. It will reveal patterns and trends and these business insights will define how you can drive improved business travel programme performance.


Big Data’s benefits come from its improved collection and analysis methods as well as through its interpretation. It is here that we can usher in the changes that will benefit your bottom line.

Such a huge amount of data also allows us to benchmark every area of your travel programme from traveller buying decisions to the level of business awarded to certain suppliers. This will improve your policies but fuse it with using data to identify common mistakes that are costing your business unnecessarily and the resulting savings can be balance-sheet changing.

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