Clover Case Study

Clover’s rich history spans over a century when a group of farmers met in the lush Natal Midlands to discuss the establishment of a butter factory. Almost 120 years later, the proudly South African-listed company is still passionate about the milk procurement industry and has become a household name among South African families. It is this family ethos that has for decades driven South Africa’s dairy industry leader.

"While technological innovation is an important component of travel management for many corporates, for Clover relationships and face-to-face interaction remains even more important."

Here’s how we made it possible... 

FCM Travel Solutions joined the Clover family in March 2014, managing the account for three years before it recently went to re-tender. FCM Travel Solutions went through a new RFP process and were re-awarded the account from 1 September 2017, with a focus on achieving a higher percentage of savings and more visibility and involvement of their Key Account Manager.


Rooted in tradition and with considerable care for its employees, Clover strives to create a pleasant and motivating work environment where employees are treated fairly and are provided with the skills, ability and tools to do their jobs. Of course, this extends to the 700 travellers that travel domestically on behalf of Clover – a large portion of the 9,600 employees that have made Clover their “home away from home”. 


Relationships are very important to Clover. They extend the same care they have for their staff to their suppliers to build long-term relationships and the relationship we have built is one of mutual respect. On-the-ground support is essential and this is one of the reasons why an in-house works so exceptionally well for the organisation.

“The excellent service our consultants have provided over our original tenure was a major factor to rewinning this account,” says Euan McNeil, FCM Travel Solutions South Africa GM.

FCM Travel Solutions provides strategic and operational support to Clover. FCM has worked with Clover to change their travel policy to suit their needs and have implemented a Portal that helps them to manage their traveller profiles better and access reports. Clover also has access to the FCM Mobile App, providing travellers with additional functionality and tools such as online check-in, push notifications on flight statuses and itinerary management. In line with Clover’s great focus on the wellbeing of its staff, FCM is offering a leisure programme, FCM Lifestyle, allowing employees to book leisure travel. FCM offers up to 10 free bookings per month, waiving the service fees. Thereafter, Clover covers the service fees as a perk to their staff.


FCM Travel Solutions has balanced the need to introduce efficiencies within Clover’s travel programme through technology, with the hands-on approach of in-house, dedicated consultants and an engaged Key Account Manager so that Clover and its staff receive the care and consideration that already exists within the company’s culture.

In addition to our on-the-ground team at Clover, we also provide the full backing of our product team and a personalised finance team for all statements and invoices.
Furthermore, to achieve the savings that Clover required, we have kept our monthly management fee very competitive and have proposed a new hotel programme that will result in additional savings.

Highlights of FCM's travel management approach:

  • A dedicated, engaged Key Account Manager and in-house team mean that Clover gets the hands-on treatment it needs for its travel programme. 
  • Seamless balance between technology and personal human interaction.
  • Strategic direction helping to shape travel policy and the ability to leverage the global supplier relationships held by FCM Travel Solutions.
  • Programme Savings through new hotel programme and competitive management fee.
  • A dedicated FCM Lifestyle service for Clover staff providing holiday advice and planning services.

FCM’s response 

“With Clover, we’re more than a supplier of travel. It’s a true partnership – one founded on mutual respect and strong relationships that reflect the ethos with which both companies operate. We have worked as a team to reduce costs, streamline travel processes and ensure the wellbeing of Clover’s travelling staff. With this new leisure extension to our services, we look forward to sending more of the Clover family safely on their travels,” Euan.