FCM Illuminate Launches in USA in 2018

FCM Illuminate Launches in USA in 2018: Thought Leadership Series Brings Together Customers, Prospects and Suppliers to Explore Trends, Best Practices, Future of Corporate Travel & More

New Year Brings Focus on Education & Engagement for Leading Corporate Travel Consultancy with Continued Emphasis on Cost Reduction

February Event in Collaboration with TSA to Maximize Road Warriors’ Time, While Minimizing Time Spent at Airports

FCM Travel Solutions has kicked off 2018 with a focus on education and engagement, all with a continued emphasis on achieving cost reduction in the corporate travel space. With the launch of FCM Illuminate, an on-going thought leadership series that presents itself through webinars, expert panels and in-person events, the leading corporate travel consultancy is taking a deep dive into trends, best practices, what’s in store for the future of corporate travel and other timely topics. The series, which will host events one to two times monthly, is open to customers, prospects, suppliers and complementary travel brands; the attendee mix will vary based on the theme of each event. 

FCM Travel Solutions here in the USA is following the lead of its Australian colleagues who have hosted successful FCM Illuminate gatherings for the past four years. What began in 2014 as half-day seminars grew into full-day events as a result of the popularity of the content. The scope of the events and audience has consistently grown as the desire to learn and network with like-minded corporate travel colleagues is on the rise. One attendee in Australia commented that, "The content was spot on, with information and data that would normally cost thousands of dollars to access, presented by knowledgeable speakers with significant industry experience."

The first of the FCM Illuminate series was held on January 24, a client-exclusive event, that over 100 attendees participated in via a webinar. It was a technology solutions session that was heavily focused on FCM Connect, the brand’s integrated global technology platform that gives clients access to multiple tech tools that deliver on and enhance their travel program.
The next in the series will take place on February 28 and is in partnership with TSA. From new screening procedures to pre-check and global entry preparedness tips, a number of hot topics will be covered to help best inform travelers on how to maximize their time, while minimizing time spent at the airport.

“We are putting an increasing emphasis on education and engagement for our customers and want to be able to share that with a larger audience,” said Billy McDonough, FCM Travel Solutions President for the Americas. “Having like-minded professionals come together to share their take on trends, cost reduction best practices and what’s next on the corporate travel horizon is an invaluable trifecta of information. Given our extensive client and supplier roster, we are excited to be the facilitator to spark such valuable conversations and thought leadership.”

The series’ namesake was born from the desire to illuminate the future of corporate travel and provide valuable networking opportunities for delegates and suppliers. In Australia the largest event in the series brings nearly 100 corporate travel buyers, plus key travel industry executives, innovators and new entrants into the travel space.

Attendees can register for the next event here.


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