We will ensure you can move quickly


We will ensure you can move quickly

At times like this, speed and flexibility are key. If you’re making the switch from your current TMC provider, we promise to make it quick and easy.

Having been through challenges before, we know the pain of change. We have spent time internally preparing our business to create a simpler and swifter implementation process. Whatever you may need, we’ll support you every step of the way.

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Removing the pain of change

In times of change, speed and flexibility are key. That’s why we’ve created a simple, smooth implementation process that supports you all the way and takes the pain out of change management. Ask our experts how we make changing over as easy as possible.

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Exclusive rates with unique benefits

We understand that inclusions like complimentary breakfast or room upgrades can alleviate business travel stress. That’s why our exclusive SmartSTAY rates offer you the best-in-market rate with three unique benefits for every traveller.

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Implementing ‘Travel Re-Imagined Amid a Health Crisis’ Toyota

With a directive towards program improvement, FCM collaborated with Toyota to streamline processes, ensure a better traveller experience and deliver “Travel Re-Imagined”, even in the face of a pandemic.

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