Our own travel technology
developed specifically for you

For customers who seek fast and seamless implementation, the true benefit of Arrivon lies in its simplicity.

The marketplace is made up of a wide range of companies with varying business travel needs, but one thingconnects them all - a desire to save time and money and achieve greater control over their travel program. Arrivon, FCM’s advanced, market-leading technology, delivers
exactly this, through a single, easy to use interface.

Booking your way. The easy way.

We want to provide you with the best user experience in business travel!

  • Through your smartphone, tablet or desktop. No matter what device you are using – Arrivon is providing you with a seamless experience.
  • Being one of the first to use responsive web design FCM Nordics secure the same content in all devices – with a similar look and feel depending on yourscreen size.
  • You can always reach us – online or through our 24-hour Customer Service.
  • Book for several travellers at the same time.
  • Prepaid services all over the world to minimize travellers' expenses.
  • Analyse and control travel spend and travel behaviour. 
  • We take care of your implementation


We blend the local expertise of our people, a wide-reaching product range and our in-house developed and proprietary technology; Arrivon.


Public rates compared with corporate negotiated rates,FCM rates and low cost carriers. Hand luggage only fares orfares including luggage, seating and meals etc.


Very large global hotel offering with FCM rates, corporate negotiated rates and public rates as well as the Expedia Affiliate Network offering.


Major car rental companies, public rates, FCM rates, customer negotiated rates.


To and from airport - prepaid - local offering.


Travel accounts, corporate credit cards – all services could be prepaid to limit expenses for the traveller and administration for the company.


Company and traveller policies syncronized. Easy to update.


Role based soft policy with intuitive traffic lights for “out-ofpolicy” or just expensive bookings. Soft approval as standalone offering or in combination with red traffic lights.


Track your travellers around the world within minutes.


Mobile, desktop and customer service all fully integrated. Everything accessible using a smartphone with a different look and feel – easy to use.

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