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The pulse of corporate travel is quickening, propelled by a shift in how we work. Let’s face it - remote work is well and truly a fixture now, promising enhanced well-being and work-life equilibrium. What will the outcome be for 2024? We unravel the Top 6 Predictions of Business Travel for 2024 by blending insights from our experts with the experts at Travelport.
In a strategic move to bolster its technological capabilities, FCM Travel India has appointed Shailendra Pandey as its new Chief Technology Officer. Pandey brings 17 years of experience in the technology sector, previously in roles such as a Development Engineer, Solutions Manager, and was most recently the Director of Engineering for a billion-dollar company before joining FCM Travel India.

Flight Centre Travel Group, announced the establishment of an ‘AI Center of Excellence,’ a new global division that will focus on promoting, adopting, and integrating artificial intelligence technologies into the business. Read more here.