What do business travellers really value in 2022?

What do business travellers really value in 2022?

What do business travellers really value in 2022?

Business travellers are at risk for mental health problems due to lack of sleep and poor diet, according to a global travel risk management company. International SOS reports that 30 percent of business travellers admit to suffering from these problems, and data shows the more flights and nights they are away from home, the more likely they are to quit their job within two years.

So a company's top priority should be to understand what its travelling employees value and what contributes to their wellbeing. Penny-pinching might appear to save the company money in the short term, but in the long run, this kind of thinking can lead to long-term problems, including burnout and high staff turnover.

As airfares continue to rise and fuel prices remain uncontrollable, companies must find ways to balance pricing efficiencies with a productive and rewarding travel experience for their employees. With service levels also at historic lows, it's more important than ever to carefully consider how best to invest in corporate travel to deliver the value business travellers want.

What do business travellers value in 2022?

In a post-pandemic world, travel habits are changing. Business travellers are increasingly blending business with pleasure and spending weekends at their destination to get the most out of their trip. They are also extending their trips to maximise business value, justify the cost and time away from work, and reduce their environmental footprint.

To help them balance travel productivity with a less stressful experience, travel policies must be customised to provide what they value most - efficiency, convenience, choice and flexibility.

1. Efficiency - they want to save time

Business travellers often have concrete goals in mind when they travel and want to accomplish their goals as efficiently as possible. They expect first-class service from well-trained and efficient staff and personalised service and experiences. By ensuring that all their needs are met - sometimes even before they have the chance to ask for it - these business people can make the most of their time.

2. Convenience - they want to be productive on the go

Business travellers value convenience, whether in the form of nearby restaurants and entertainment options, a business centre or accessible transportation. They also typically want to stay close to their destination, such as a client's office or an event venue. To ensure that all of these things are available and that travellers know how to access them, the support and guidance of a corporate travel programme representative can make all the difference.

Reliable Wi-Fi, power outlets and places to connect easily are also very important to business travellers. A workspace, personal amenities like dry cleaning and room service, and access to wellness amenities like healthy meals and fitness equipment make for a less stressful and more productive travel experience.

3. Choice and flexibility - they want to be in control

It's becoming increasingly clear that business travellers value flexibility and freedom of choice. They want to travel and stay with the suppliers they feel most comfortable with. With so many employees becoming accustomed to much more flexible remote work policies, it's logical that this would also extend to travel policies. Companies can empower employees who frequently travel to manage their travel arrangements by giving them access to travel management tools.

4. Striking the balance between price and value

"A business doesn't have to deviate from its existing travel policy or incur additional costs to provide its business travellers with the enjoyable, personalised and efficient travel experience they need and deserve. The perks and high-value experiences that make them happier and more productive on the road are often built into the offerings of a quality travel management company and product," Smith says.

Managing business travel doesn't have to be expensive or cumbersome. When looking for a corporate travel partner, invest in a TMC with global strength that offers more choices and extras with better rates and savings. They can help you find a balance that makes both the procurement manager and the traveller happy.

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