Travel Technology Inspired By Business Travellers Within One Integrated Global Platform

12 June 2024 – The flagship corporate travel division of ASX-listed Flight Centre Travel Group, FCM Travel, empowers thousands of business travellers in India, with technology tools integrated within one global platform.

Known as the alternative business travel management company, FCM's comprehensive travel technology solution is built based on internal and external custmers' needs.

FCM most recently established an “AI Centre of Excellence” to harness the power of AI to enrich customer experiences, boost employee productivity and strengthen the relationship between the human workforce and hands-on AI applications.

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Utilising generative AI, the platform personalises travel experiences to suit individual preferences. Its plug-and-play technology allows seamless integration with various ecosystems, including ERP systems, CRM tools, and third-party travel apps.

With a simple login, this end-to-end ecosystem enables business travellers to book their travels, get travel approvals, be notified about safety and risks, manage payments and expenses, reconcile GST, calculate sustainability metrics, and provide reporting and analytics with data protection. 

The FCM platform is designed for seamless use on both desktop and mobile devices, enabling travel bookers, managers, and travellers to effortlessly handle their corporate travel needs, even when on the move.

The globally consistent interface of the proprietary booking tools offers diverse content choices, from competitive airfares, and hotel rates, to car rental options, no matter where they are – all while adhering to travel policies, giving travel managers the power of instant approvals for pre-or post-trip. 

As safety is of utmost importance, the FCM Platform provides real-time alerts and notifications, safe booking technology, traveller tracking dashboards, the ability to integrate with third-party risk providers and a team of dedicated experts who ensure that travellers are supported 24/7. 

FCM’s expense management tool simplifies the expense reporting process with high accuracy. Mobile first and easy to use, expenses can be filed in seconds. Integrated with all leading credit card platforms, travel expenses can be auto-created and auto-categorised. It also has intelligent policy compliance which reduces fraud and generative AI is used to auto-read invoices and check for duplicates. 

FCM Platform in India has an automated Airline GST Invoice Reconciliation tool which helps companies match each issued ticket with the corresponding invoices which increases the accuracy of claiming input tax credit. 

This AI-powered reporting tool securely captures data, providing insights into a company’s travel expenditures, needs, patterns, and sustainability metrics, transforming analytics into actionable strategies.

About FCM  

FCM is one of the world’s largest travel management companies and a trusted partner for thousands of national and multi-national organisations, including many household brands, Fortune, and FTSE 100 companies. With a 24/7 reach in over 97 countries, FCM’s agile and flexible technology anticipates and solves client needs supported by expert teams who provide in-depth local knowledge and duty of care as part of the ultimate personalised business travel experience. While as the flagship Corporate Travel arm of the ASX-listed Flight Centre Travel Group, FCM is able to deliver the best market-wide rates, unique added-value benefits, and exclusive solutions for its clients to support their business travel requirements. A recognised leader in the travel tech space, the company has debuted several proprietary client solutions over the last 12 months including a new omni-channel platform featuring a ‘first of its kind’ customised end-to-end user experience and FCM Booking, an innovative option to traditional OBTs. Alongside its travel management services, the company also provides specialist services through FCM Consulting and FCM Meetings & Events to service the broader needs of its clients. Discover the alternative at  

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