White Paper: Redefining Corporate Travel Management

The whitepaper focuses on pillars for effective managed travel in Global and Indian Business Travel market

Safety, Efficiency, Productivity and Transparency form the key pillars of successful travel management. The whitepaper analyses key trends and implications under each pillar and gives strong recommendations to companies to manage corporate travel more effectively


The dynamics of business travel have been changing around the world in sync with the new age corporate traveller. India continues to grow at a rapid pace with increasing contribution to global business travel spends.With an annual growth of more than 11%, we are expected to be in the top five by 2022, up from being at ten in 2015.


This whitepaper analyses four pillars that make up a successful travel management programme; the focus is on delivering cost efficiencies while maintaining transparency, eventually fulfilling the goal of ensuring safety of employees and increasing their productivity through a seamless travel experience.


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