The Green Journey

the green journey


The Green Journey

Putting people, information, innovation and responsible travel at the heart of any travel programme.



FCM’s green journey puts people, information, innovation and responsible travel at the heart of any travel programme. It is both a reflection of transformative times and an exciting response to the need for a new way of thinking.

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Stability in an unstable world.

A brand study conducted by WE Communications showed that customers feel brands can provide stability in uncertain times. In fact, the number of global study respondents saying they expect brands to create stability in uncertain times rose 30% since 2019 — with brands now viewed as important a pillar of society as educators and friend-and-family networks.

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diversity in travel

Global reach. Local insight.

Multinational companies with teams and interests across the world need next-level expertise. A TMC that pairs global capabilities with local knowledge and on the-ground solutions. Travel still looks very different around the world, and any TMC worth their salt will understand the latest travel restrictions.

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Innovative. Flexible. Reliable.

A seamless user experience has become more important than ever before. That is why the latest FCM Platform uses AI-enhanced technology, making it intuitive and hyper-personal At FCM, we are developing a technology platform that is based on six key pillars: a globally consistent booking experience, 24/7 travel assistance, traveller safety and wellbeing support, sustainability, AI powered reporting and savings, and flexible integration capabilities.

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Customer centricity

What does customer centricity mean to you? Is it a personal, dedicated service? An understanding of your culture, processes and pain points? Bespoke solutions? Check, check and check.

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Same day travel

Content and choice.

One of the biggest misconceptions around online booking tools is that they simply can’t offer the same range of choices as the Internet when it comes to accommodation. Historically that might have been true, but not anymore!

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Green pastures

The age of business agility.

Remember the word ‘pivot’? The pandemic has shown us that companies need to be able to pivot and react quickly, without getting stuck in red tape. Agile organisations embrace a mindset of continuous improvement. They are resilient. In the face of change, they can flex, while others might break.

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FCM Plane over london SUM
Sustainability, Cost, Wellness: Is one more important than the other?

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds for 2022. But while we might be looking to reduce the emissions costs of our business trips, is there a financial and mental cost that outweighs that strategy? As companies navigate these three different priorities, FCM and GBTA decided to bring the debate to Th!nk. Three speakers presented the case for the three pillars of sustainability, cost and traveller wellness, before sitting down to talk through the impact of focusing on each. Here's a summary of their cases. 

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SUM TechPage
New tech tools are changing the way we book travel

Prior to 2019, anyone booking travel would have considered cost-saving their key priority. Not anymore. Although travel bookers are, obviously, still keeping an eye on expenses, they (and their clients) are now more concerned with wellbeing.

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Putting the human into tech development

Everyone has the potential to have those lightbulb moments. That’s why we wanted to get you thinking about the future of travel, technology and mindsets at FCM and GBTA’s Th!nk event.

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Greener Pastures: Building a strong travel programme

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