What’s on the mind of FCM’s leaders?

Hear about major trends and what's happening in the world of business travel management from the leadership team at FCM. 

John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer

John shares his thoughts on using generative AI, and why human oversight is important in any project involving artificial intelligence.

John also shares what upcoming projects will create more efficiency for our clients through the FCM Platform, and some insight into how our in-house team leads innovation and development to match our clients’ needs.

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Jo Lloyd, Global Head of Account Management and Consulting

With so much to think about across business travel programmes, Jo shares how her team is anticipating and adapting to what clients need.  

She explains some of our clients’ biggest challenges and how she believes the entire account management function should evolve to meet ever-changing demands.

Her comments come off the release of a new report: Account Management: strategic driver or glorified helpdesk?, with insights from travel buyers, account managers, operations leaders and FESTIVE ROAD. 

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Michel Rouse, Chief Product Officer and Daniel Senyard, CEO of Shep (an FCM Company) 

Michel and Daniel share their insights on how artificial intelligence can support travel managers and their business travel programmes. They also share their thoughts on advancements in business travel technology.

Listen to also understand how innovation is supporting the customer journey, and what they’re most excited about in the tech world.

This announcement came fresh off announcing how FCM is trialling generative artificial intelligence initiatives.

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Glenn Thorsen, Global Sustainability Lead, FCM Consulting

Glenn talks about key themes he's hearing when speaking to customers about their sustainable travel programmes.

He explains how the FCM Consulting team is helping clients navigate those trends, and key initiatives for sustainable travel in the next 12 months. Plus, you’ll hear what’s next for FCM Consulting in sustainable travel.

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