FCM puts sustainability at core of customer offering with new global net zero carbon offsetting programme

Environmentally-conscious travel is not an option, but a responsibility.


There’s no getting around it — travel uses up energy. Lots of energy. We’ve put sustainability at the core of our customer offering, enabling heightened visibility and facilitating greener choices.

Carbon offsetting

Through our recent partnership with South Pole — a leading expert in global climate action and project development — we’re kicking off a new global carbon offsetting program.

The South Pole partnership will allow us to support multinational clients in setting up a solution to neutralize the carbon impact of their business travel and will make a significant difference in helping them meet their sustainability goals. It enables clients to offset against global flights, hotel accommodation, rail bookings, car rental and other business travel components. 

FCM can calculate, record and report monthly or quarterly CO2 emissions globally per item for each client, who can then choose from specific climate action projects against which to offset their total carbon footprint.

Sustainable choices

At FCM, we're committed to helping our clients choose feel-good options.

Leveraging advanced technology like Shep and Thrust Carbon allows us to guide travellers in the booking process to make more sustainable choices. 

Check out this demo to see the journey of a traveller's booking process and how our systems nudge the booker to consider more sustainable transportation options, with intel such as "This journey will emit 30x more emissions than a high-speed train," or an analysis that equates a trip to its equivalent environmental impact.

Sustainability screenshot

Real-time visibility

FCM provides real-time visibility and reporting on the carbon levies accrued as well as their application across domestic, international and land-only bookings. Travellers are empowered to make decisions based off visual guidance on flight CO2 emissions directly on their itineraries. Managers are also able to view a snapshot of their carbon offset contributions via dashboards on the FCM platform.

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Every day, we take hundreds of people around the world – a privilege we take to heart. It’s our corporate responsibility to make sure cultures and environments in every region thrive.

Smarter, swifter, greener travel.

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