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Leave travel tech complexity behind | FCM Platform

Leave travel tech complexity behind

Too many third parties ruin the party. Our proprietary corporate travel platform brings together everything you need into a single, intuitive interface. 

Full integration, easy customization, features optimized by user, and one-click approvals across web and app. Everything you need for easier journeys online, with support from a travel consultant 24/7. The end of click-and-hope just landed.

It's time to supercharge your travel tech.

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More than a business travel portal | FCM Platform

More than a business travel portal

When you’re using multiple business travel booking tools with varying content, you need them to play nicely together. FCM Platform isn’t just easy access to everything in one place. It integrates the data you need for greater flexibility and scalability, meaning you can customize and adapt to the evolving tech landscape. 

In action: A multi-national manufacturer client wanted booking process consistency. No matter where its team, travellers and bookers worked, the technology needed to be the same. With the FCM Platform, everyone had access to the manufacturer’s new agile corporate travel policy, preferred suppliers, traveller profiles and travel spending dashboards. 

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Manage all your travel approvals in one place | FCM Platform

Manage all your travel approvals in one place

Leave approvals complexity behind. Manage all your travel approvals in the FCM Platform; no matter which country, channel, online booking tool or GDS.

In action: A traveller or booker at a large multinational firm has made an out-of-policy travel booking, either online or offline. Their approver sits in a different country and uses a different online booking tool. With the FCM Platform, the approver can approve or reject the business travel request in the platform, regardless of OBT or country. The traveller or booker is notified of the decision, with the trip either automatically completed or cancelled.

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Leaving complexity behind begins today

Travel budget-spilling leakage, productivity-killing tech, and progress-wrecking ‘innovation’. Sound familiar? It’s why we built one single platform, from scratch, that does it all. Optimized for you and made to power the future of business trips.





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