Justine Salvi appointed country manager in Switzerland

Welcome to Justine Salvi, the new country manager in Switzerland

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Justine Salvi Country Manager Suisse

Justine, you are taking over the role of Country Manager in Switzerland. Can you tell us a little more about yourself? 

After my studies in tourism, I worked in a leisure travel agency before moving quite naturally to business travel. The technical dimension suited me better. Looking at it, I absolutely do not regret this choice at all! In the meantime, I have had several roles. I joined FCM Travel as a Business Travel Consultant before moving to the position of Customer Service Manager in 2017, which allowed me to manage a team. Then, I moved to the position of Operations Manager where I was, until recently, in charge of all operational teams. 


Why FCM Travel? 

I arrived in 2014. I was young and I wanted to join a human-sized structure with a strong corporate culture. This is exactly what I found at FCM: a very friendly atmosphere, highly committed teams and great prospects for development. My career progression just proves it. The management team trusts me enough to offer me the position of Country Manager after 8 years spent at FCM Travel and I am delighted to take on this new role !

From BTC to Country Manager you have had a great career evolution. Are you proud of this career path? 

Yes, I'm really proud. I'm very happy because over the years I've been able to show what I can do, that I'm involved and that I want to progress. Of course, I had to prove myself, but I also took on opportunities when they came. Finally, it is very gratifying to see that the company trusts me and gives me all the space I need to evolve. 


How do you approach this new position? 

It's a real challenge but that's what makes it interesting! If I was able to prove myself from a managerial point of view, many things are very new for me. I really want to perform and show that the management team made the right choice. 

What kind of manager/leader do you want to be?

The human aspect is essential. I grew up with the teams and I want to stay close to them despite my evolution. I don't want this to be perceived as a barrier between us. I've always been a manager who talks and I want to build a relationship based on trust with the teams. I want us to be able to work closely and rely on each other; we can all benefit from each other. On one hand, I will bring my expertise and support. On the other hand, they will bring their 'field' vision. In my opinion, this exchange is key to make the Swiss office work and grow. It is therefore important to me to be an open manager and to instigate ideas exchange.


What is your vision for FCM Travel Switzerland? 

FCM Travel has been on the Swiss market for several years. One of my objectives is to make ourselves known better on the market by highlighting our know-how with both partners and potential clients. In particular, we have a real expertise on the technology aspect and this is a differentiating point that we must highlight. Having a clear positioning is essential to develop our customer portfolio and continue to grow our teams. 


If we look ahead, where do you see FCM Switzerland in 5 years? 

That's a difficult question. In 5 years, I would like FCM Travel to be a recognized TMC on the market, that we know who we are, what we can do, what our values are and who our teams are. Why not triple our volume within 3 years? This may seem ambitious, but I am convinced that our know-how and our identity combined are real assets that can help us positioning ourselves. The challenge is to retain our existing customers and to make ourselves known to large accounts and SMEs while maintaining our identity. 


According to you, what are the main challenges for the Swiss business travel industry?

The main challenge is to ensure the post-crisis recovery to get back to the pre-crisis level of activity. Then there is the technological aspect, which is also a challenge as our customers have high expectations: they want to benefit from high-performance tools that meet their specific needs. Having a team dedicated to these technological issues is a real asset. As a TMC, we also have an important role to play in advising companies. For example, some of our customers are afraid to travel again. One of our missions is therefore to reassure them and provide them with all the support they need to facilitate this resumption. Finally, one aspect that should not be overlooked is the environmental approach. More and more companies want to commit themselves and expect their partners to be committed. This is particularly true in the travel industry. This implies being able to accompany our customers to help them travel differently. Travel less but better by offering advice on topics such as carbon offsetting or alternatives to air travel.


How can FCM Travel help to meet these challenges? 

FCM's role is to support our clients and advise them as best as we can. They need to be prepared to face the new travel trends that are emerging in the wake of the health crisis we have just experienced. This was obvious during the crisis. Companies had a strong need for advice. Looking back, we can see that this trend lingers. It is therefore important to be able to provide them with our expertise and to help them optimize their travel policies. Beyond the consulting aspect, there is also a strong need for companies from a technological point of view. Our positioning allows us to bring added value to our clients by offering them the tools best suited to their needs. 


What do you see as the main strength of FCM?

From a structural point of view, FCM is a TMC with a great capacity to adapt. This is a significant advantage as we can address different types of customers. From large companies to small and medium-sized businesses, we are able to offer appropriate solutions that meet their strategic challenges. The second asset of FCM is the human dimension. The employees are 100% involved in their work, they have the will to do well and want to make the company grow. Everyone's efforts point in the same direction