Hurricane Florence

At FCM Travel, we know that your most important assets are your people. That’s why we give our customers the tools they need to execute a successful travel risk management strategy. On August 31st, 2018, Secure was key to aiding our support teams and our customers during the formation of Hurricane Florence off the coast of Cape Verde.

Mobile app with worldwide intelligence

Travelers in the path of Hurricane Florence were the first to be notified using our mobile app with WorldAware Intelligence – FCM’s mobile chatbot that uses precision GPS tracking to ensure that your travellers are the first to be informed and the first to react during a travel disruption. Travel managers were also notified via FCM’s travel alerts days in advance of Hurricane Florence’s landfall.

This pro-active feature was key in helping clients prepare to alter their travel plans. With waivers in hand, FCM consultants were immediately made available to assist travellers with changing their reservation at no additional cost.

Traveller tracking

Travel managers should always be informed about events impacting their travellers. The duty of care dashboard offers an innovative insight into alerts affecting your most frequented destinations, and provides travel managers with the ability to download departure manifests, customised to fit their travel risk programme’s needs.

During Hurricane Florence, our Risk Destination Mapping tab provided customers an enhanced vision centered around how many travellers they had in the region. It also provided our Emergency Customer Care teams with the tools they needed to assist in re-accommodating travellers.

A comprehensive risk solution

Aaron Livie from our ECC Team in the United States was quoted as saying, “We as a leadership team constantly track weather systems and how they will potentially impact our major hubs and plan accordingly.” With our duty of care dashboard, you’re getting the best travel risk solutions:

• Access to WorldAware travel alerts
• An innovative traveller tracker platform
• Subscription to our crisis communications protocol

We offer this and more, with one common goal in mind: to assist in keeping you informed and your travellers safe.

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