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When an innovative offshore wind developer meets a travel management powerhouse, magic happens. Corio Generation teamed up with FCM to navigate the complexities of global business travel, enhancing efficiency, safety, and personalised experiences.

About Corio

Corio Generation is an offshore wind developer. A subsidiary of Macquarie Bank, this renewable energy firm operates with a start-up mentality, with support and guidance from its banking parent.

Business travel at Corio is coordinated by Office Manager Jeanine Schouwenaars, who describes office management as “the Times Square of an office”.

Initially, Corio’s travel requirements covered: 

  • Travel between the main hubs in London, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Travel to wind farms in remote locations
  • Teams attending internal conferences
Setting Corio up for success


Onboarding began in April 2022. Due to its structure, Jeanine had some basic principles to stick to, but it also felt like building a company from scratch with no policies, procedures or knowledge of travel volumes. Initially, the onboarding began with:

  • Building out a travel policy
  • Technology configured to Corio’s needs, including FCM Platform
  • Ensuring duty of care processes are set up correctly
  • Strategy with hotels including enabling content in FCM Platform
  • Rapidly adding countries to onboard
  • Adjusting cost centres and project codes

Uncover the layers of this successful collaboration

Unravel the detailed journey of Corio Generation and FCM’s partnership, and you’ll discover how custom solutions and personalised experiences are enabling growth and success.

FCM is quite a big company, but it always feels like I’m the only client. They’re working with me to have everything work for Corio specifically.

 -Jeanine Schouwenaars, Office Manager, Corio Generation


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