FCM Travel | Case Study | Tabcorp


Revitalising Tabcorp's travel management reporting

Key Highlights

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Tabcorp, an ASX100 company, is a leading figure in the Australian gambling entertainment industry with a diverse portfolio in the categories of wagering and media, gaming services, and Keno. The company, with an estimated 1200 travellers, has been an FCM client since 2008. 

Case Study: Revitalising Tabcorp’s travel management reporting | FCM Travel

The Challenge: cumbersome, manual travel reporting

A dynamic, fast-paced company like Tabcorp needed travel management reporting that was timely and up-to-date. Their reporting was not keeping up. The process was slow and manual, with Tabcorp’s procurement team and their FCM account manager spending hours each month managing static reports. This lag rendered their travel data nearly obsolete by the time it was integrated, analysed, and interpreted.

FCM Travel | Case Study | Tabcorp

Solution: FCM's enhanced reporting

FCM introduced a new reporting platform that would open the bottlenecks and give Tabcorp more control and insight into its travel data. Dashboards were developed for Tabcorp that targeted key business objectives with metrics such as:

  • Total exceptions
  • Lost savings percentage
  • Average lost savings per ticket
  • Advance booking by day
  • Online booking tool uptake
  • Lost savings type
  • Cost of change
  • Cost of change by passenger
  • Travel booker data 

These and other vital statistics became readily accessible and easy to interpret. 


FCM’s collaboration with Tabcorp streamlined travel management processes and saved money. Tabcorp saw a lost savings reduction of 6.9% and a lost savings per ticket reduction of $50 AUS as a direct result of this reporting enhancement.

Business decisions that were once reactionary could now be made dynamically and proactively. Active usage of this reporting increased, as it helped Tabcorp’s management take swift, data-driven action.

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