Business travel tips from team FCM


Business travel tips from team FCM

When you haven’t travelled for a while, it’s daunting to get back out there again. You’re not alone in forgetting what to do and what’s best when you’re out on the road.
Here’s some insider tips from the team at FCM Travel.
Hayley France, Account Manager, FCM
1. Check COVID protocols

Hayley France, Account Manager

While everything is relaxed in the UK, there’s still COVID travel rules out there. There aren’t blanket rules; it all depends where you’re travelling to. Some destinations still require tests and COVID-related paperwork. And when it comes to masks – this can differ by airline and even down to city.

Throughout the pandemic and still now, I encourage my clients to share the FCM COVID Hub with their travellers so they can check what’s required. It’s accurate (some clients do check it with government information!) and gives peace of mind.

The trip checker is especially really useful as it displays information depending on your nationality and whether you’re vaccinated.

Ash Holden, VIP team - FCM
2. Don’t forget your loyalty numbers

Ash Holden, VIP Team Manager

If you’re booking through a TMC then your numbers should be on file anyway. But if not, don’t forget to use and earn those loyalty points! Especially if you’re travelling regularly, those points really build up and mean you can get perks and rewards, possibly even cash back if that’s your preference.

Not sure how loyalty programmes work when you’re booking with a TMC? There’s information on that here!

James Khan FCM
3. Give yourself time to explore

James Khan, Sales Development Team Manager

We’ve all spent enough time in our home towns, I know I have! Many of us have missed seeing other parts of the country and the world.

So even if it’s a whistlestop business trip, give yourself 30 minutes to explore the city you’re in by foot. The fresh air will be good for you and you’ll see something you wouldn’t have otherwise!

After all, that's what travel is really about. Meeting people, making those connections and seeing the world from another perspective. 

Ben Curry FCM
4. An oldie but goodie jetlag tip

Ben Curry, Sales Director

After such a long time without travel, I think we have to go back to the basics. And one biggie is jet lag. Not something that travellers will have missed!

The classic tip here is to act as if you’re in the destination where you’re flying to. As soon as you’ve taken your seat on the aircraft, set your clocks to the time of where you’re flying to; it’ll help you adjust.

If you can book a plane that has lighting and an onboard experience that helps you avoid jet lag, even better!

David Sykes - FCM
5. Be app ready  

David Sykes, Technical Lead

There’s nothing worse than turning up to the airport and being asked to download an app or find a file. Check what apps you need for your trip way before you head to the airport. And save paperwork on your phone where you know it will be easy to find.

Obviously, I highly recommend the FCM app. With the help of Sam you’ll be kept up to date on your gate number, any delays and can store your files in it too. Take a look.

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