Global Travel Advisor Day

Spotlighting our corporate travel agents

It’s Global Travel Advisor Day on 1st May! To celebrate, we’re saying a big thank you to our travel consultants around the world. We’ve scoured the globe to bring together a collection of stories, praise and well-deserved thanks to these often unsung but crucial heroes. After all, if it wasn’t for their dedication and service day in day out, FCM wouldn’t exist!

Joanne Headshot with green journey line
Joanne Sammut
Based: Australia
Specialism: Team leader in construction travel

Problem solving and troubleshooting are a large part of Joanne’s role. With construction clients working on big-budget projects, smooth and reliable travel is absolute priority. Last minute bookings and changes are common, meaning there’s a 24/7 service so shift workers can check into hotels and get to a site fast. Joanne has been working on one client’s travel programme for more than six years with a team of long-time travel consultants. It’s the definition of a travel partnership!

“Being stuck in Johannesburg at midnight with ‘no direction home’ is the stuff of nightmares. But I must say – I was in awe of the level of service and support that FCM and Kenny provided that night. Very appreciative.” - Finance Director

Noella Phillips
Noella Phillips
Based: UAE
Specialism: Team leader with 14 years’ experience

“I recently had to arrange urgent flights for one of my travel bookers who I’ve worked with for the last 8 years. Her husband had sadly and unexpectedly passed away. I could feel her pain and agony from the first call, where she needed my help to go through the process of arranging flights and certain documentation for her ordeal. When you work with someone for so many years, it’s not only about booking flights, but you also build a relationship with them and in difficult times you need to be more than just a travel consultant. We may not see our clients every day, but we become friends too who are caring, supportive and offers them any assistance they need.”

"Michael Moore pulled off the impossible, due to his experience, quick action, thinking outside the box, his professionalism and going above and beyond. Not only did he make me look like a superhero, making the impossible happen, where each minute counted, we were able to have our VP arrive on time to receive an award.” - US-based manufacturer

Carol Ling
Based: Singapore
Specialism: Government travel

Carol admits government travel is “pretty niche” but loves delving into the specific requirements that come with this type of travel. Whatever her clients need, Carol is there to assist with itineraries, bookings, visas and more. Within a team she says works seamlessly together and helps each other out, Carol has enjoyed sharing her knowledge with her team. Together they’re working through complex processes and planning to make sure trips go smoothly.

“I called Ángeles with just a few minutes left before service would close for the day, and yet she, with all the positive attitude, took my call and listened very carefully to the urgent need. With all the dedication and professionalism, she found the last available spot on the specific flight that the director needed. Ángeles showed that she has total control of the system, very confidently she took the correct steps, without any mistakes to secure that last ticket.” - Government client