FCM customers can benefit from SNCF’s Planète Voyage sustainability programme

FCM customers can benefit from SNCF’s Planète Voyage sustainability programme

FCM chooses its travel partners carefully, to ensure our customers receive service from companies who are leading the way in environmental sustainability. That’s why we work with SNCF for cross-European rail.

Transport alone generates 30% of all CO2 emissions, while the train only accounts for 0.6% of those emissions. For the same trip, travelling by train will generate 50 time less CO2 emissions than by car (shared car) and 80 time less than by flying.

SNCF’s ambitious sustainability programme called ‘Planète Voyage programme’ is committed to:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of travel in France & Europe:  by avoiding 640 Kilo Tons of CO2 every year
  • Using less energy and developing renewable energy: -5% energy consumption / year, -30% less CO2 emissions by 2030 (vs 2015) and to have 50%renewable energy by 2025.
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of offers & services: 0 non-recovered waste by 2030 by operating a “Circular" high-speed train, better Waste management and offering sustainably sourced catering options.
  • Developing employee engagement

SNCF has already implemented many initiatives and all drivers are trained in eco-driving by limiting the traction effort to only use what is really needed for the journey. 92% of our TGV are already recyclable, thanks to ‘mid-life’ operations whereby it maintains the rolling stock to such levels that it has a 40 years life span.

On-board some of these initiatives are already visible, the TGV Bar offers a selection of sustainable products and discounts by 0.20€ off any hot drinks when passenger bring their own cups. In Grand voyageur lounges, organic and fair-trade coffee are served in recyclable cups, plus there is digital press and selective waste sorting (March 2021).

Last but not least, the new TGV M launching in 2024 will have a new Aerodynamic ergonomic shape and reuse of braking energy, it will be made of 97% recyclable materials and onboard will maximise space with ultra-capacity trains and new ergonomics.

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