Five universal major tech trends


Five universal major tech trends

For all the talk of a 'new normal' we know something for certain. Technological development never stops. Every day we're finding new ways of using tech in every aspect of our lives, whether it's something we physically see every day like an Amazon Echo, or is working the cogs in the background like blockchain. 

As we look at the road out of what was a rocky but also progressive year, what are the tech trends that we're going to see come to the fore? 

1. Digitisation

Everything is moving online; only accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not enough to build digital products that solve problems; they have to be a breeze and delightful to use. It’s a different approach to building tech that comes with research, usability testing, constant iteration and satisfaction tracking. Those are the core principles guiding our own development teams when they’re building our new platform and other exciting tech.


2. Interconnectivity

Technological possibilities are endless. We know we need a digital ecosystem and platform that will continuously expand and integrate with the best technology and travel providers of today and tomorrow. That way we can offer you a wide range of global integrations in the most agile way possible.


3. Data and Personalisation

A significant evolution of data is coming. AI and machine learning are already core components of our own tech. But with further applications, FCM and our suppliers will soon provide more customised services on-the-go and improve data visibility for you, meaning you can influence in real-time.


4. Automation

In a more connected world we must act and react faster than ever before. At FCM we’re developing solutions that automate core back-office functions, such as systems implementation and standard reporting. By automating these processes, it frees up our people to focus on positive traveller experiences and insight-driven account management.


5. Regulatory Influences

Throughout COVID-19 we saw regulatory updates almost daily. It’s put scrutiny on booking flexibility, health and safety and the duty of care obligations from airlines, hotels and other suppliers. Further and rapid changes are coming that will improve visibility on these elements and the ability to adapt in real time.

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