But which points programme is right for you?
Male VIP traveller in a lounge

If you’re on the road a lot, loyalty programmes can make a massive difference to your travel experience.

Happily, frequent flier programmes have evolved since the days of tracking miles and redeeming points in order to score (often elusive) flights. Today, you can enjoy free upgrades, lounge access, special perks (like VIP boarding), and even accumulate points for leisure trips, tours and experiences.

But with so many options out there, it’s important to choose the right programme for you.

FCM’s VIP travel programme considers all the variables, including your priorities and preferences, to ensure you get the most out of any loyalty programme.

When it comes to points and perks, here are just a few things to keep in mind.

1. Routes and times

Firstly, you’ll want to sign up for a loyalty programme with an airline that not only serves your home airport, but has optimal times and enough capacity on your most frequent routes.

On busy routes, look for airlines that have take-off and landing slots that suit you. For example, do you like the first flight of the day so you can get straight off the plane and on to your meeting? Or do you prefer to fly late afternoon, stay overnight, and arrive at your meeting well-rested?

This will help determine your preferred airline – and indicate if you need to add a hotel programme into the mix.


2. Comfort, productivity and service

What do you need to make your trip a successful one? Perhaps you want lounge access on arrival so you can grab breakfast – and a shower – before heading to work. Or value exclusive lounges as a productive work space, or opportunity to unwind while in transit.

If this is the case, look out for airlines that have flagship lounges at the airports you’re often travelling through – and double-check the requirements for access.

At FCM VIP, our dedicated team gets to know each traveller personally. They respect your preferences and travel quirks (from window seats to showers on arrival) and will work hard to match you with the right loyalty programme – including hotel programmes which allow access to business lounges, shuttles and local activities.


3. Upgrades

Everyone loves an upgrade. In fact, they should come standard. Make sure your loyalty programme offers a little more luxury and legroom in the form of complimentary/discounted cabin upgrades or room upgrades. Not all loyalty programmes are created equal, so think carefully about which airline or hotel's premium product you like the most.


4. Business and leisure travel

Many loyalty programmes will let you use points against leisure trips, which is great news for travel warriors who spend their life on the road. For example, you can spend Avios (British Airways Executive Club’s reward currency) with any of their airline partners, at over 100,000 hotels worldwide, and with a range of car rental suppliers regardless of your destination, holiday or adventure.

The Marriott Bonvoy Rewards Programme takes it one step further, offering instant benefits (like exclusive member rates and free Wi-Fi) alongside some extraordinary ‘moments’. If you fancy VIP access to events like an F1 Grand Prix; private tours around the world; or food and wine experiences, this one’s for you.

FCM’s VIP consultants are experts in their field and well-versed in the language of loyalty. Once you're onboarded with the VIP team, they will host a 'get to know you' meeting (complete with questionnaire), and from this they’ll not only advise you on the best loyalty programmes to meet your needs, but they will proactively manage your membership on your behalf. This includes tracking flights, spend and points accrued to ensure that you never miss out.

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